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Bathroom Rugs Long Ideas: Update Your Home
There are so many ways to update the design of your home. Oftentimes, we turn to the internet to find just the right dose of inspiration and ideas to liven up the otherwise boring environment that we have created for ourselves inside of our homes. Various trends in style nowadays can be seen in so many different blogs and sites that you may be confused as to which style to go for. 
Worry not, however, as we are here to help. In matters of the home and style, there is no better advice to follow than our expertise. 
When it comes to the bathroom, it can be a bit difficult to design something that is not too over the top yet not too boring either. We want something that is stylish but can also contribute to the comfort and functionality of the room. Since the bathroom should be the cleanest and most comfortable room out of all the areas of the house, it should only contain the best that you can offer. No one likes to have a private time in a dirty and uncomfortable room. Hence, one way to ensure that the bathroom is snug and mess-free is to get yourself a rug. 
Yes, a rug. Rugs are clean and comfortable and provide warmth. You can find many different reasons as to why you should get them, especially from homeowners who trust their capability to protect the home. To get you started on your decorating journey for your bathroom, here are some bathroom rugs long ideas.
Bathroom rugs long idea #1:  Bring the calmness and comfort of a spa to your home.
If you have been to a spa before, you know that the ambiance and comfort it brings to the eye and body is no joke. If you haven’t, then it’s time that you get it directly to your home to experience it. You don’t have to pay a masseuse to enjoy the repose of a spa: you just need a rug to feel it. 
What you should get:

Bathroom rugs long: Wine cork rugs.

Wine cork rugs are very comfortable under your feet and make you feel like the soles are being massaged just by stepping on them. It feels relaxing against the skin of the feet, with the corks comfortably lying against the surface. What’s more, this type of rug promotes DIY crafts and recycling! You do not have to throw any of the wine corks you have, as you can reuse them to make yourself a rug!

Bathroom rugs long: Bamboo bath rug.

There’s nothing like the feel of natural materials to soothe your feet. Not only does it look comfortable in the bathroom, but they also feel like one! Most spas use natural and organic materials, so getting one for your bathroom is a great way to mimic the atmosphere as well. 

Bathroom rugs long: Mossy green grass rug.

If you want other natural and organic styles, a mossy green grass rug will suit you well. It makes the bathroom look great, as if it is inside nature with a hint of green in them. What’s more, they’re great against the skin. Feel the soles getting massaged by the ends of the grass and your feet being dried. What’s more, it makes you feel warm when you just came out of a cold shower or bath.
Bathroom rugs long idea #2: Get some patterns.
There’s nothing like a good style of patterns on the floor when the rest of the room is just plain and simple. It makes the room look cool and beautiful without even trying that much. Given that, it would certainly be a great addition to the bathroom if you get a patterned rug. It would be a majestic centerpiece and even let the rest of the room stand out without so much as a fuss on them.
What you should get:

Bathroom rugs long: Bold patterns.

Rugs with some bold patterns will liven up the whole bathroom. Even while on the floor, it makes for a great decoration that stands out under the minimalist influence of the designs around it. It breaks the neutrality that most bathrooms have. The patterns should be large enough that you can recognize them just from the entrance itself. That way, it is inviting to the eye of the visitor. 

Bathroom rugs long: Black and white.

If you are not sure which patterns and colors you should go for, look at the bathroom itself and decide on that. Take from the overall hint of the color and style it speaks and take it as an inspiration to find the best rug. If not, however, you can never go wrong with a black and white pattern. They are the most common, yet are also considered an elegant style in almost all aspects, and they go well with everything!
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What rug should I get to avoid accidents on wet floors?
Get a rug that is non-slip and will absorb water quite easily; a good material will help you prevent accidents in that area.
What rug should I put in my bathroom?
A machine-washable rug would look perfect in your bathroom and would be easier to clean.
Where should I place my rug?
It is ideal that you put the rug in front of the shower of the bathtub.
How often should I wash my rug?
If you use the rug too often in the bathroom, then you should wash it weekly.