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What are Bathroom Rugs Runner and Why Do You Need One Now?
Our daily routine involves bathroom duties and coming in contact with the cold tiled floors, which can be slippery at times, may be a discomfort. These concerns, however, are not without a solution. Thus, for your bathrooms, what is the best thing you can own other than a bathroom rugs runner? This type of rug is made specifically for the tiled floorings of our bathrooms. They are also called contour rugs or around-the-toilet rugs and are available in various sizes and colors that beautify the look of your bathroom and steps up the bathroom’s feel when viewed from the design standpoint. They also come in shapes that can be placed at the part of the bath or shower that you step on when you come out of the shower as a rug to dry off your feet.
Bathroom rugs runner does not only exist to add design elements to your bathroom but they are also quite functional materials. They are made of absorbent material that soaks up the wetness from your feet as you step out of the shower. This function also serves as an added safety precaution to avoid injuries, since bathrooms are usually made of tiled floors (which can get very slippery when wet).
That is just one of the advantages that come with getting a bathroom rugs runner but there is more to its functionality. These rugs are not only restricted as a rug used as you step out of the shower. This product can also be placed near the sink as additional comfort as you step in the bathroom’s cold tiled floor.
In getting one, what should you look into?
Bathroom rugs runner are usually made with cotton as they are the most absorbent material to make a rug with. There are also some that come in polyester, bamboo, and nylon materials. These rugs that are being placed in the bathroom are more exposed to water and moisture. While it is expected to be absorbent, it should also be fast-drying because moist surfaces are breeding grounds for bacteria. Hence, it is important to be knowledgeable about the rug you want to purchase.
Under the material with which your rug runner could be made up of, there are a lot of options to choose from. Below here is a list of possible variants that you can get that would suit your bathroom.
Cotton is an absorbent material and dries fast in most environments. As this is common in most households, maintenance is easy and can be conveniently tossed in the washing machine to wash.
Bamboo materials are less common and, with its shortfall in comfort, is a compromise for the aesthetic. This type is made out of wood and lies flat on its surface. They are not as absorbent and are prone to mildew, a breeding ground for bacteria. Fortunately, with good maintenance, they last long.
It is a synthetic substitute to most fabrics that are made specifically designed to last for a very long time. It is the softest variant of material and can also be easily washed in the washing machine for trouble free cleaning.
More durable variant, though less comfortable than cotton, these rugs are very absorbent and can be machine-washed 
How is the bathroom rugs runner cleaned and dried and will it hold up to wear and tear with how often it is cleaned? The rubber backing should also be considered because, after a lot of cleaning and maintenance, the rubber backing can get old and worn. This, in turn, can lessen its grip. Most variants of this type of rug are washable with a washing machine. Styles that hold shag or tufted materials are more difficult to clean and washing them in the washing machine could ruin the rugs runner. For this reason, it is very crucial to check the instructions to keep the quality of your rugs.
Safety Features
Like most rugs, this rug has either rubber, latex, and non-latex backing in order to reduce the slipping risks. Also, given that these rugs are specifically designed for the bathroom, newer designs are made with antibacterial components to help with the possible growth of molds, bacteria, and accumulated bad odor. The growth of bacteria can lead to a smelly and unsanitary bathroom, after all.
Size and Style
Bathroom rugs runner come in a standard size that fits the base of the toilet bowl. The standard size fits most bathrooms and accommodates a decent amount of coverage. However, you can get one that is custom-made to your own preference to the fit at the base and the overall size of the rug. There are two types of rugs: the all-around that fits at the base of your toilet and an adjacent rectangular one that is placed outside the bath or tub. They can either come together in a 2-in-1 pricing or you can get them separately.
Flat, shag, tufted, and foam enforced and the styles of this type of rug. 
Where can you get your own bathroom rugs runner?
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What are the types of bathroom rugs runner?
There are two types of bathroom rugs runner: the round-the-toilet rug runner and the adjacent rectangle rug runner.
What is the most absorbent rug and least?
The most absorbent kind of rug material is cotton, while the least absorbent is bamboo.
Do I need slip resistance technology on my bathroom runner?
Yes, the bathroom is a safety risk area in our house because wet tiled floors can cause slips.
Where is the rug usually placed?
Rugs can be placed wherever you want but it is usually placed on the center of the living room.