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Do I Need to Buy Bathroom Rugs Washable of Dirt?

Everyone wants to have a bright and clean-looking home. Not just in one or a few main areas, such as the living room, but the entire house. Although guests don’t visit the bathroom as regularly, it should still be the cleanest part of the house. Yes, some people maintain cleanliness in the bathroom, but not to the extent of using rugs and runners to add coziness and a touch of elegance.

The bathroom is the place where most mildew and bacteria are harbored. That is why some homeowners are hesitant to use bathroom rugs, worried that bacteria will hide and grow in them. However, if properly cleaned and maintained, bathroom rugs washable of dirt will not become a breeding ground for bacteria. Rugs always come with cleaning instruction guides anyway, make sure to follow them.

It is common to be cautious in using a bathroom rug or contour rug, as most people call it. However, having bathroom rugs will not just add vibrance to your home but will also give you a more comfortable experience whenever you’re in there. How good is it to step on a soft contour rug while you’re on the toilet?

Frequently have guests and visitors? Then it’s high time to overhaul that simple lavatory. Add a pinch of class by placing patterned bathroom rugs washable. The bathroom should not be a plain-looking area for you and your guests. Typically, guests use the bathroom to pee, handwash, or touch-up. Now, what type of bathroom rug is the best one?

What are the Two Types Of Bathroom Rugs?

There are two common types of bathroom or contour rugs. The first is rectangle-shaped, and the second type is put around the toilet bowl’s base.

A small bathroom often has limited space. Place the contour rug at the base of the toilet bowl, and if it is rectangular, put it in front of the bowl. This specific area is where the feet rest when seated on the toilet bowl. When a sink or lavatory is present, try to put bathroom rugs in front of them to absorb the water caused by squelches and splashes. A larger bathroom, or those with installed bathtubs, can also use bathroom rugs washable of all kinds of dirt. Try placing it on the adjacent side and let it serve as a foot lid to prevent falling when stepping out of the tub or shower. In case kids or elders are living in the house, the use of a rubber mat under the contour can help prevent any risks of a fall accident. If the bathroom has a lot of space, try placing the bathroom rugs washable of dirt on the center to create an intimate look inside the room.

Pointers Before Buying Bathroom or Contour Rugs

Right Size

While the sizes of most contour rugs are pretty much the same, ranging from twenty to twenty-four inches, choosing the right size can make a big difference. One too small may cause tipping, and oversized contour rugs seem awkward. Using the right size can help achieve the class and balance every bathroom must-have.

High-Quality Materials

The most common and popular materials for contour rugs vary from cotton, nylon, polyester, chenille, and bamboo. Choosing the right material according to preference is a great help in revamping the bathroom. But what is the best material for contour rugs?


This type of material is known for its ability to absorb water while being very easy to dry. Hence, cotton is popular in all kinds of household items, making it one of the recommended types of bathroom rugs washable to all. Cotton bathroom rugs are easy to clean and can be washed in all kinds of laundry machines.


Nylon is said to be a more durable type of bathroom rug that can be washed and is therefore easy to clean. Although the material is not as soft and absorbent as cotton, it is also simpler to dry.


This type of bathroom rug is a combination of cotton and soft plush fabric. Although it is not an absorbent type, chenille is resistant to any form of water damage.

Polyester Microfiber

Polyester is a popular substitute for almost all kinds of fabric. The best choice for absorbency, it can quickly dry and clean the bathroom floor. Polyester bathroom rugs washable to all are easy to wash and dry. The only disadvantage of using a polyester microfiber contour rug is it can trigger allergies. The synthetic material present can also cause sensitivity to the skin: redness, itching, and irritation.


Unlike other materials, bamboo is a wooden contour rug and not the absorbent type. It is the reason why bamboo mats differ from others. Since it does not absorb water, bacteria won’t grow. Although bamboo mat is not a picture of elegance and class, unlike the other materials, it offers a naturally sleek and modernized design that is perfect for a minimalist theme.


The style for bathroom rugs washable to all kinds of dirt is tufted, organic foam, and flat. Tufted or shag bathroom rugs have looser fabric that adds coziness and comfort, making them a little more complicated to maintain. The flat ones are low-pile bath rugs, with an added layer of foams to provide comfort. The last type is organic foams such, as bamboo, for a natural-looking bathroom. Bamboo mats are best for eco-friendly users.

Where To Buy Contour Rugs?

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What are the two types of bathroom rugs washable?

The two most common types of bathroom rugs are rectangular, and the other is shaped to be placed around the base of the toilet bowl.

What are the things to remember before buying bathroom rugs washable?

Before heading to RUGS&ROLL, consider first the size, style, and materials, to ensure a balance of class and coziness.

What are the different types of bathroom rug materials?

The four best-known materials for bathroom rugs are cotton, chenille, polyester microfiber, and bamboo mats.

Where can I buy bath rugs?

RUGS&ROLL offers the latest style and design of bathroom rugs for a great price.