Bathroom shower rug

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You Need A Bathroom Shower Rug
Switching up the interior or looking for more grip around the bathroom? A bathroom shower rug can do that and more. As carpets and rugs are growing more popular in all rooms of houses, the bathroom is where they also shine. Although hard tiles are a more popular comfort room flooring, they are more prone to accidents. Tiles alone can look cold and empty. Aside from the obvious facts, here are the added benefits of heading over to RUGS&ROLL and purchasing a shower rug.
Tub or Bath?
While both are extensions of the towel family, a bathroom shower rug can come in varying colors, shapes, and textures. Tub mats are also placed right outside of a showering area. Bathroom rugs help absorb water and excess soap, shampoo, or bubbles after a long bath or shower.
Average Dimensions
A bathroom shower rug is usually one of four common sizes. Dimensions differ depending on the intended purpose. The most popular dimensions are:

Bathroom Rug Size

Placement Purpose

17 inches by 24 inches

Shower or Sink Pedestal

21 inches by 34 inches

Tub or Shower

22 inches by 60 inches

A Double Vanity

27 inches by 45 inches

Master Bathroom or Area Rug

Slip-Free Showers
Usually, a bathroom shower rug is smaller in size compared to other area rugs. Their main purpose is to catch splashes of water in front, beside, or around a shower or tub. They are great for absorbing drips too. These rugs can also be for more aesthetic purposes, which is why they are placed in front of vanities in many bathrooms. 
Bathroom shower rugs are usually made of cotton. Not only is this a great material after a long, relaxing shower, it is also easy to clean. When bathroom floors have mats, they can prevent slipping. You don’t have to lose your footing and drop that bar of soap ever again!
A bathroom shower rug can be made of cotton, polyester, bamboo, chenille, or nylon. Sticking to these materials when on the hunt for a rug will save money in the long run. They are easily found but also very durable. Compared to other materials and fabric, they are best for more wet conditions.
Cotton is the most popular of the bunch. It is extremely comfortable which makes it great for other areas of the house as well. There are a lot of designs and colors that are made of cotton which offers variety for all sorts of interiors. The only con that cotton has is that it is not as sustainable as the other materials. If your bathroom floors are constantly wet, cotton should not be your top choice.
Polyester rugs, on the other hand, are more long-lasting than cotton at a fraction of the price. A polyester bathroom shower rug is very foot-traffic friendly. That’s why it is recommended for bathrooms that are frequently used.
Bamboo is another suitable material for bathroom rugs. It’s not easily damaged in a constantly wet environment and is also affordable. Unfortunately, a bamboo rug only comes in its natural color or black and is not soft at all.
Restrooms that are wet all the time should invest in chenille rugs. This type of material won’t be worn so easily since it is so durable.
Finally, a nylon bathroom shower rug. Out of all the materials mentioned, this one lasts the longest in bathrooms. It is more slip-resistant which is why it has so much popularity in bathrooms.
Other Factors to Consider
First off, slip resistance is one of the top things to look into. So many accidents have occurred in comfort rooms because of the floor. Landing on tile is painful and 100% preventable. So why not take the extra step to add safety measures? A bathroom shower rug can do this effortlessly. Of course, it’s the ability to prevent falls from happening depends on the material it is made of as well as its thickness.
Another factor to consider is a rug’s ability to absorb water. Since bathrooms can become constantly wet from use, a bathroom shower rug should have the ability to soak up the water. Accidents from slipping will be less likely to take place in a dry bathroom. How well a rug can absorb moisture will also discourage the growth of mold. This way, any sickness that mold could cause will not be a threat to health. Also, the ability to soak up water will help with the cleanliness of the space. Slippers or shoes that are covered in dust or dirt won’t mix with the water and cause an even dirtier bathroom.
Lastly, the color and design of a mat should be considered. Bathrooms can be elevated with a rug that compliments the space. The nicest bathrooms out there look put together with the right size, patterns, and palette that a bathroom shower rug can come in.
Where do I get a rug for my bathroom/s?
RUGS&ROLL have made rugs easy to find, look through, and buy. They have a variety of rugs to choose from perfect for any room or space in the house. The bathroom is no different. They host a vast selection of rugs specially made for the restroom. You can choose the perfect material and style for your bathrooms today.
What are the top materials to look for?
Cotton, polyester, bamboo, chenille, or nylon should be your top picks for any rugs in restrooms around the house.
Do I really need one for the bathroom?
Yes, anyone willing to shell out money to provide safety in an accident-prone area should buy a rug for the bathroom.
Should I get a tub mat or rug mat?
That depends on whether or not you own a tub or not but rug mats can be used for tubs and shower areas.
Where can I get the best rugs or mats?
RUGS&ROLL has a selection of high-quality rugs that will fit any bathroom interior for great prices.