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The Best Bathroom Set: Shower Curtain and Rug
No matter how big or small your bathroom space is, there are bathroom essentials that you must have. A shower curtain and rug is the perfect combination for your bathroom needs! The shower curtain provides both the function of providing privacy and preventing water from flooding throughout your bathtub area. The bath rugs give you the protection you need from slipping and gives you a place to step on after your shower or bath. 
Aside from doing its functions, did you know that bathroom sets provide a more cohesive and uncluttered look to your bathroom space? Here’s why the shower curtain and rug is the best bathroom set for you.
They provide convenience and safety.
The shower curtain and rug work well together! Like other bathroom essentials, it is predominant that what you buy works well and does what it has to do. Furthermore, the nature of a bathroom is to provide comfort and convenience to whoever is using it. The shower curtain, aside from providing your privacy while taking a bath or a shower, also prevents water from flowing and spraying throughout your bathroom floor, making it less slippery and dangerous for you. Meanwhile, the rug absorbs the excess water from around the bathtub area.
It is essential for you to feel comfortable before, during, and after you shower or bath!
It is perfect for your bath decor.
When it comes to decorating your bathroom, there are many routes you can take. Matching bathroom accessories like shower curtain and rug help you create a more organized look for your bathroom! You should buy a perfect bath set depending on your personal preference, budget, and the existing decor in your bathroom. 
You may opt to choose a modern design or a minimalist design that can work well with your bathroom’s overall interior design.
It provides safety.
As expected, while taking a shower, water will be violently splashing everywhere. In turn, it creates vulnerable areas for accidents such as slipping and falling. The purpose of the shower curtain and rug is to keep the water off your bathroom floors. Slipping after a shower will not be a good experience for you. It also prevents undesirable environments from occurring and provides practical advantages needed in everyday life. 
Shower curtains also protect your privacy and space where you can enjoy your private indulgence without worrying about privacy concerns that are crucial to your being. 
It is easy to install and maintain.
Shower curtains have a simple structure making them easier to install. It uses specific components so that you can install them perfectly in any setting, and even inexperienced hands can do the setup! The fact that shower curtain and rug are easy to install and maintain makes them more appealing and likable bathroom items. Do not worry, keeping them would be easy too! Bathroom curtains are machine washable, and cotton rugs are easy to dry, too, making your work less hassle for you.
It is easy to use and gives us significant advantages for our bathroom needs!
It is convenient.
The bathroom is the smallest place in your home. Aside from preventing water and moisture in your shower area, a shower curtain and rug is also handy at keeping your bathroom pretty. Buying a new shower curtain is the easiest and simplest way to upgrade the look of your bathroom! You should consider several things when purchasing rugs and shower curtains, you should make sure that the curtain is waterproof and your bath rug is made of cotton so that it can easily absorb and dry water. 
Furthermore, the material you choose for your bathroom accessories will impact the design of your bathroom.
Where should I place my shower curtain and rug?
Shower curtains are typically measured as 72 inches long, and it would be better to install the curtain rod 75 to 77 inches from your bathroom floor; this height would prevent your shower curtains from touching the floor. Commonly, shower curtains hang outside the bathtub to avoid water from splashing on the floor. 
On the other hand, bathroom rugs generally are placed in front of the tab or shower or under the bathroom sink. 
What would be the perfect size for my shower curtain and rug?
In general, it is best to put a larger bathroom rug in front of your bathroom shower or tub to secure your safety from unwanted accidents because of the wet floor. Besides, you can also use smaller rugs in front of your sink, and smaller rugs are usually for daily use. 
For shower curtains, it is recommended to use a 54 inches wide and 72 inches long curtain to fully cover and protect not only your privacy but also to prevent wet floors.
Where can I buy a quality shower curtain and rug?
At RUGS&ROLL, you can find a variety of designs and textures for shower curtains, and the shop also provides bath rugs depending on your preference and style that can complement the overall design of your bathroom. The store offers everything for every bathroom set needs. Get the best quality of shower curtains and rugs at RUGS&ROLL, and make your bathroom more safe and comfortable for you. All you need to do is shop and choose your preferred design that fits your budget. 
What is the ideal design for my bathroom set?
You can choose whatever design you want, just as long as it fits your budget, and the design of the curtain and rug goes well with the overall interior design of your bathroom.
What type of design should I buy for my shower curtain?
They come into many different shapes, designs, colors, and prints, so you can choose depending on your personal preference.
What size of bathroom rug should I buy if I have a limited bathroom space?
If you have a limited bathroom space, you can place a smaller bathroom rug for daily use in front of the shower and add a bath rug runner to cover the rest of the floor area.