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Design Your Bedroom With Some Of These Bedroom Rugs Large Ideas

The bedroom is the area where we share our private time with ourselves. That said, it should be very comfortable and safe for the person who is using it. Homeowners should be able to ensure that it is a safe space, especially for their children. One of the decorations that should ensure that is the rugs. Rugs have proven themselves quite useful in their function of keeping dirt off the floor, bringing warmth to the room, and providing maximum comfort to the soles and to the eyes.

Hence, it is only within reason that bedrooms get the same amount of comfort and function, or more, with some of the best quality rugs possible. There are a lot of instant ideas and inspirations that you can use as a guide to liven up your bedroom. When it comes to size, it is better to go big or go home, right? If you want to make sure that you are given the utmost comfort, a large rug is definitely a good idea.

As a guide, here are some of our bedroom rugs large ideas that might help you in your decorating endeavor:

Bedroom rugs large ideas #1: Get something that sticks out right under the bed.

Mornings can be a bit cold, especially during the winter. To save your feet from the cold floor, a rug can be a great source of warmth in the morning. Wake up to cold feet no more, as having a rug underneath your soles when you get up will warm you up enough to improve the overall mood of your day. With that, a large rug that will cover a considerable area under your bed is a good idea. Choose a rug that can cover the entire floor underneath and near the bed, so you don’t have to walk on eggshells to save your soles from the biting cold.

Some warm materials such as wool will significantly reduce the temperature around the room, leaving your feet warm and cozy from the moment you wake up.

Bedroom rugs large ideas #2: Get something that is long.

If you want, you don’t have to get something that will cover the whole floor. You can just choose length over width rather than picking out a rug that is even in all dimensions. People who still value the aesthetics of a bare floor can opt to get a long rug that connects the bottom of the bed frame to the door. That way, you will have a warm path towards the end of the room whenever you wake up in the morning.

Ensure maximum comfort even with a long rug.

Bedroom rugs large ideas #3: Go for stripes.

Stripes are a great idea, especially if you have a small room. It can maximize the space and look as though the room is much wider than it actually is. You can place it underneath the bed and look as though you are living in a large luxurious bedroom. Choose a rug with colorful stripes that actually corresponds to the color scheme of the room. If you want, you can go with something flashy as long as it fits with the theme and the feel.

With stripes, you can always experiment with colors, so go for it with a bang!

Bedroom rugs large ideas #4: Get something plush and fluffy.

The essence of having a rug in your bedroom is the comfort that it provides. Rugs may heighten the room’s ability to calm and make the person feel well-rested, even just for a few minutes in. Hence, it is only within reason that you get a rug that is magnificently comfortable not just in the eyes but also for the foot and body.

Faux fur rugs and wool rugs are really great materials for a large bedroom rug. Other soft materials, such as cotton and silk, will also significantly give you a better feeling of tranquility and repose. If you are planning to get a rug for your home, get something that is soft and fluffy.

Bedroom rugs large ideas #5: Try out shaggy rugs.

Shag rugs have always been great pieces that make the design of a room look simple yet sophisticated. The lines at the end of its surface are really fun and entertaining to look at, with some elegant taste mixed into it. Shag rugs are really modern in style, plus a large one can significantly comfort you with its soft and plush texture!

Bedroom rugs large ideas #6: Try something minimalist.

Minimalist style is perhaps the most trendy style all over the internet. While lavish and colorful designs are great, there is something really attractive about simple and minimalist things. Rugs that are in this spectrum look very calming and tranquil. If your room is in the range of minimalist style, a rug is a perfect companion for your floor!

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1. Are bedroom rugs washable?

It will depend on the type of material that it is made of, but they are usually washable and can be cleaned using a vacuum.

2. Can large bedroom rugs be machine-washed?

If they fit in your washing machine and are low pile, then yes; if not, you might need them to be professionally cleaned.

3. How often should I clean my bedroom rug?

Vacuuming them regularly is recommended.

4. How do I get the stains out of my rug?

Some heavy cleaning products might do the trick, but it is always recommended to have them professionally cleaned when the stain is deep.