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Spice Up Your Room With Bedroom Rugs On Carpet

Your day starts and ends in the bedroom. Hence, make sure to have one that gives you positive energy to start your day and a cozy room to rest at night. Choosing the best interior to mix with your personality is challenging, but with the help of designs and patterns, you can surely make it!

Most people think that interior design is enough to bring out the concept. However, adding some patterns and design is one way to complete the layout. A piece of furniture, such as chairs and tables, and other furnishings are also needed to complete the theme. While it is challenging to reveal personality through the house, the use of carpets and rugs can help you portray your character.

The use of bedroom rugs on carpet floors can help you fuse your character to whatever house interior and style you want. Some people are hesitant to place bed rugs and runners on top of the carpet. Wait, is it really a bad idea?

Should I Place A Bedroom Rug On The Carpet?

This matter is often asked by many. Placing bedroom rugs on the carpet tiles does not make the room less cozy. In fact, it adds pattern to the plain-looking carpet. One thing to remember is to put a patterned rug on top of a plain-colored carpet. If the floor carpet has printed styles and patterns, then choose plain-colored bedroom rugs and runners.

While carpet floors seem enough to add color and vibrance to your bedroom, the wear and tear will soon show. The use of area rugs to cover the damage can brighten up the room. Changing the whole matting is more expensive than placing bedroom rugs on carpet floors. Aside from its cost, it also takes more time to overhaul the floor.

Choosing the area rugs or bedroom rugs on carpet tiles can bring out the creativity in you. Instead of buying a new one, using old rugs and runners is a bright idea. Hand-knotted bedroom rugs are often expensive, so why not make your own weaved rugs? There is no need to overhaul the whole room. You only need to find a stylish bedroom rug to hide the flaws of your old carpet.

What if you don’t have time to make it? You can check out ROLLS&RUG for a list of different bedroom rugs on carpet tiles.

What To Consider When Placing A Bedroom Rug On Carpet?
Texture Is The Key

Checking the carpet texture in the bedroom is the key when planning to layer a rug over the carpet. Typically, since the bedroom is not a high-foot traffic area, soft plush materials are often preferred. If this is the case, placing low pile bedroom rugs on carpet tiles adds pattern and style. Remember not to put the same carpet texture on top of each other. A soft plush area rug won’t blend with the soft velvet carpet. Try checking for other rugs with felt and uneven material.
The Size Always Matter

Aside from the texture, it is crucial to check the size of the area rug. A small area rug “floating” in the middle of the bedroom will make your sanctuary look like a lonely place. Brighten it up by using the correct size of area rugs. Rember, it should always depend on the actual size of the bedroom.
Perfect Color Combination

Aside from texture, choosing the right color to complement the bedroom rug and the carpet is essential. Make sure rugs and carpet do not have the same hue. A dark-colored carpet cannot have another deep-colored rug on top. Choose a brighter, more vivid color to lighten up the bedroom. Remember, placing a different tone of bedroom rugs on carpet ground can give your room a healthy glow.
One Pattern At A Time

A hand-knotted rug looks good with plain carpets, and so, never combine a loomed area rug with patterned carpets. The rule of thumb when placing bedroom rugs on carpet tiles is to check for patterns. Placing a patterned area rug on top of a patterned one can overpower everything in the room. Hence, make sure to create balance when placing the bedroom rugs.

When placing the bedroom rugs on carpet runners, do not forget to use an anchor to secure them properly. It ensures a snug fit and also prevents risks of falling and tripping.
How To Clean Area Rugs?

Cleaning the bedroom rugs regularly can help prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust that can cause allergies. Always use vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and spot cleaners to clean bedroom rugs and runners.
It is recommended to wash them weekly or every two weeks to ensure safe and clean-looking rugs.

Why Buy Rugs and Carpets?

Aside from style and balance, rugs and runners help protect the floor from dirt, oil, crashes, and scratches. Carpets help in diminishing sounds in the house. Moreover, rugs and floor carpets help make the small area look a lot bigger. In cold regions, carpets help to increase room temperature.

Where To Buy The Best Area Rugs?

When it comes to all kinds of rugs and runners, ROLLS&RUG is the answer. No matter what type, design, or pattern you are looking for, they surely have it all. Whether it is a home office or industrial office that you’d like to improve, their carpets and rugs are there to help you. ROOLS&RUG is a one-stop-shop for everyone, so go ahead and give your house a brand new look!

What is a bedroom area rug?

A bedroom area rug is a type of runner rug placed on top of the carpet.

When to use bedroom rugs on carpet floors?

Use bedroom rugs on top of your carpet if you want an additional touch of pattern and when you want to hide your worn, old-boring carpet.

What to consider when buying an area rug?

Always check the room size, texture, color, and pattern when planning to buy an area rug.

How to clean the area rug?

Use a vacuum cleaner, sport cleaner, or a washing machine to clean the rugs once weekly or every two weeks.