Bedroom rugs placement

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Find out more about proper bedroom rug placement
The soles of your feet touching the cold hard ground are the worst feeling when getting up from your warm bed. Fortunately, this can be prevented by having a rug in your bedroom. Choosing a bedroom rug is demanding as you have to take your bedroom furniture into account, from the shapes, sizes, even up to the furniture layouts.
Investing in a snug rug will benefit you since it helps liven up the appearance of the room and adds to the general feeling of comfort you or your visitors can get. Additionally, the bedroom rug placement in your room will tell a lot about what kind of person you are. Below are things you should consider when it comes to selecting the placement of your bedroom rug:
Rule of Thumbs
As a general rule, any bedroom rug should extend up to 18-24 inches beyond the edges of the bed. This extra space ensures that you will have a soft surface to step on as you climb in and out of bed at whichever side you choose from. If you have a bench at the end of the bed, your rug should extend from that too. The rule of thumb of bedroom rug placement is that the bedroom rug must always be in the middle of the room, as the bed on top of it is the star. 
Since the bed is the star of the room, having a rug will help emphasize it more than any other type of furnishings you might have in the same area. For an aesthetically pleasing bedroom, it is suggested that the bedroom rug placement should either be under the bed or beside it. If you have a larger room, it’s best to use smaller rugs to emphasize the different parts of the room, such as your vanity area. Merely using a massive rug for a large room can have a negative effect, so be mindful of your room size before purchasing any rugs.
Bedroom Rug Placement
Depending on which appeals to you the most, the three main methods for a bedroom rug placement are 1) the bed and other furniture entirely on the rug, 2) with runners on each side of the bed, or 3) the bed partially sitting on the rug.
The first option of placing your bed and furniture entirely on the rug can be expensive but dramatic. If you want to make a bold statement, you will need a rug that complements your bed and any nearby furniture (nightstands, benches, etc.) that looks best along with it. Make sure that all legs of your nightstand are on top of the rug with your bed to keep a balanced look all throughout. Furthermore, the rug should be wide enough to cover spaces beyond your furniture.
The second option involves runners on each side of the bed. While this is not as commonly used compared to the other options, this method is cheaper as it only requires rugs with smaller sizes. Additionally, it is a good style for smaller rooms, specifically for beds against the wall. 
The last option is where you will only have to place the rug barely under the bottom half of the bed. This will take up only two-thirds of the rug and is also a less expensive option since it does not cover a whole lot of space. 
Sizes of bedroom rugs
Always keep in mind the border rule when deciding about the bedroom rug placement. As mentioned above, the rug you choose must be more than 18 to 24 inches around the border of your bed. The table below includes the sizes and dimensions of both your bed and rug size. Refer to the measures written on the table when purchasing your bedroom rug.

Bed Size

Rug Size

Full (53” x 75”)

6’’ x 9’’

Queen (60” x 80”)

8’’ x 10’’

King (76” x 80”)

9’’ x 12’’

Bedroom rug materials and styles
When choosing bedroom rugs, remember that it should help highlight the bed instead of taking attention away from it. Therefore, it is essential to buy rugs that complement it, or if you want to keep things interesting, you may select a rug that creates a contrast to it. One of the perks of correctly placing a bedroom rug is when you choose the right texture or material; your bedroom will look completely well put.
However, do know that bedroom rugs are different from living room rugs. Living room rugs experience more traffic and pressure from your body’s weight than bedroom rugs that undergo less since it is your private space. As a result, you should purchase rugs that are softer, like plush, high-pile, or even shag rug- depending on your preferences. Whatever material and style you choose your rug to be, make sure it is placed correctly to tie the whole look of your room together.
When can I find the best company that helps me with bedroom rug placement
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What is the most suggested way of placing my rug in my bedroom?
The bedroom rug placement should depend on your room size and other furniture surrounding your bed.
How do I know which rug material to choose?
It is essential to study what types of design complement your room, as this has the most significant impact on the bedroom rug placement to bring the room together.
What are the most comfortable kinds of rugs to place inside a bedroom?
As there is less traffic inside a bedroom, materials such as plush, high-pile, shag rug, wool, and polypropylene are recommended.