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Tips for Bedroom Rugs Runners Maintenance

Area rugs are getting popular as an additional feature to the house because of their great benefits that add to their eye-catching designs. These rugs can be placed anywhere around the house. They come in various colors to match the area’s theme and help bring all the room elements together. Thus, having a rug in the area of your comfort, such as the bedroom, does not sound like a bad idea at all.

Bedroom space is the most important part of the house for it is where people rest and sleep. Creating a bedroom that encourages you to sleep is important. Thus, making your room as comfortable and personal as you want is the ultimate goal. Adding bedroom rugs runners can upgrade your room’s atmosphere. Plus, you can even enjoy its benefits, such as less noise, more comfort, and warmth. They may sound amazing, but it is important to know that maintaining a rug can be pretty taxing or expensive.

The maintenance depends on the material used for the bedroom rugs runners, since there are materials like silk that are delicate, are expensive, and need extra care in handling. There are also other types that you can wash just like other normal rugs. In other words, how a rug needs to be maintained depends greatly on the type of material it is made with.

If you are unsure of the appropriate ways to maintain the rugs runner, the following ways might help you.

Vacuum your rugs regularly.

Since bedroom rugs runners are placed on the floor, they need to be regularly cleaned by a vacuum. If not, the dirty footprints will slowly wear away the carpet fibers. If left for a long time, this dirt may turn into stubborn stains and may end up being a big problem in the future. To prevent this, vacuuming on a weekly basis, or as often as you want, is enough to keep your rug clean and free from debris.

Cleaning the floor underneath the bedroom rugs runners.

Underneath the rugs, runners are as important as the surface of the rugs. The dirt is hidden beneath the rugs runners since dust and debris also get accumulated underneath the bedroom rugs runners making it more important to be cleaned. Although it is underneath, take note that the accumulated dirt below can ruin the rug’s overall quality.

Moreover, piled up dust and debris can make the floor very slippery, and your rug runner might slide away from its original position. This may end up making a very messy situation in the area. Worst case scenario is when a person slips because of it. Thus, cleaning beneath the rugs runners should not be disregarded. This is also to avoid triggering dust allergies for the people who sleep in the bedroom.

Spot cleaning stains

Stains are impossible to avoid in the lifespan of a runner rug. Since bedroom rugs runners do not need to be washed very often, if you spilled orange juice or coffee, you could spot clean the stains on your rug runner instead. It is the easiest and trouble-free to get rid of unsightly spots.

To spot clean a rug runner, you can try sprinkling baking soda to eliminate the excess moisture and then vacuum the baking soda after a few minutes. Once done, blot the stain with one cup of water mixed with one tablespoon of vinegar, starting from the outside part of the stain going inward.

Putting odor refreshers to the rug runner

As mentioned, you do not have to wash your rugs often these rugs are heavy and time-consuming to wash. You do not have to go through the painstakingly hard process so that your rugs may end up clean and fresh. Instead, you can think of other alternatives.

After vacuuming and spot cleaning your rug, you can spray and apply an odor freshener to your bedroom rugs runner. This is to make your room feel fresher and cleaner so you can sleep comfortably at night. Also, remember that you should not overdo spraying odor refreshers as it can hurt your nose and cause headaches.

Check for the furniture markings and rotate your bedroom rugs runners.

Besides its purpose of being walked over, rugs are sometimes placed beneath some furniture as part of the decorations. People often forget that one factor that makes rugs tear and wear is that some heavy furniture can leave marks resulting in irreparable damages, especially if this furniture has sharp edges and is constantly moved. The rug may end up being torn or stretched out of shape.

To avoid this, do not forget to try to rotate and shuffle your bedroom rugs runners’ position. After long periods of being used, the rug runners will show signs of usage. This will cause wear down in some parts, while other parts might still look new. Thus, it is important to rotate and shuffle your rugs.

Wash your rug runners.

Though it was mentioned that it takes a lot of effort to wash the rugs runner, it is still important to have your rugs runners washed and be professionally washed once every six to twelve months. Washing your runners with a mild soap should prevent them from damage.

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How often should I wash my rugs runners?
As mentioned, you can wash your rugs runners once every six to twelve months.

What is the standard size for area rugs runners?
The standard size of an area rugs runners is 8 x 12 feet; however, it still depends on where you will place your rugs runners.

Where is the best place to put down rugs runners?
You can put a rugs runner wherever you want since rugs runners can be put anywhere in your house.

Are rugs runners important?
Yes, since the runners are anti-slip, they can help keep you safe from any injuries.