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A Guide on Bedroom Rugs Size
Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so it is just right to invest in it. There are many ideas to beautify your room space, and one of them is investing in good bedroom rugs. When purchasing a rug, people usually look at the design first before anything else. However, it is also essential for one to look at its size before deciding to purchase one. Did you know that bedroom rugs can affect the way your personal space looks? A size that is too big for your bed might make your room feel small, while a rug that is too small might look a bit awkward or out of place.
Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the best one with the right size for your room might be too overwhelming. It is crucial to pick the right one to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. As much as its design, bedroom rugs size matter too.
With that being said, here is a guide on which size suits best for each type of bed.
Sizes for King Beds
King-sized beds are the biggest of all beds, so that you will need a bigger rug for this. Check out the best bedroom rugs size for this type:


A 9×12 rug would be the best idea for your king-sized bed as it is big enough to cover all sides of the bed. It will be wide enough to go past the bed’s edges, but it will still give you enough space between your wall and your bed. Moreover, this is the perfect size to get as this is in proportion to a king-sized bed measurement.


The perfect bedroom rugs size should be able to cover an ample space in your room. Just like the former size, an 8×10 rug will be able to cover the width of your bed. However, unlike the 9×12 size, it will show less on the sides of the bed. For more space at the end of your bed, this type of rug must be placed away from the nightstands. It is a good choice for those who have smaller bedrooms as it will not look too overwhelming for your space.
Sizes for Queen Beds
Unlike the king-sized version, this bed covers less space in the bedroom. This gives you more options to choose from. Here is some bedroom rugs size for your queen-sized bed:


Placing the bed in between this rug will make your space look better, especially with a rug that has a good design. It covers a lot of floor space, so the rug’s design will pop out and give your room more life. It is big enough to cover an ample space on both sides of your bed, and it can also go under your nightstand. Since the rug is larger than the bed, it will undoubtedly get a lot of attention, so it is also crucial to pick the best design that will fit your room’s interior.


Of all the bedroom rugs size, this one is the most popular as it works well with queen-sized beds. Aside from it being proportional to this type of bed, it is also the most affordable. It is also easier to find compared to the other sizes for rugs. An 8×10 rug can still manage to cover the bed’s width, but it will not be able to cover space under your nightstand. However, most of its design will be covered by the bed, unlike the 9×12 rug.

Two 5×7 Rugs

Who says less is more? When it comes to bedroom rugs, you can never go wrong with two. If you are looking for a unique vibe, placing two identical 5×7 rugs below your bed will surely give your room more life. The rugs cover the room’s length on both sides, making it an excellent choice for narrow bedroom spaces. The designs will be displayed on both sides, making them ideal for rugs with aesthetically-pleasing patterns.
It is also more affordable to buy two 5×7 rugs instead of purchasing a 9×12 rug for your bedroom. However, since you would be dealing with two rugs, some room pieces might have to be sacrificed. Having a trunk or bench at the end of your bed will not go well with these rugs.
Sizes for Full or Twin Beds
These are the smallest types of beds in the market. Since its size is smaller than the previous types, the perfect rugs will depend on your room size and layout. Check out some of the best bedroom rugs size for small beds:


For bedroom rugs size, 6×9 is the best choice for full-sized beds. Aside from having coverage for your bed’s width, it is also one of the most affordable types of bedroom rugs. If you are looking for only a small bedroom rug, this is a perfect choice. However, if you are looking for a size that will make the rug’s design stand out, this will not work. It can cover your bed’s width, but it does not have enough coverage on the sides of the bed.


If you are looking for the perfect bedroom rugs size for your twin bed, this is an excellent choice. It is one of the smallest sizes in the market, just right for this petite bed. It covers the entire width of the bed, and it still has a bit of space for the sides of your bed. Aside from being affordable, it can also keep your bed from sliding.
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What is the best size for bedroom rugs?
The size will depend on your bed’s size and your room’s floor area.
Should I get bedroom rugs?
Absolutely yes, as it adds more color and personality to your bedroom.
What color should I get?
To pick the perfect color, you have to make sure that it goes well with your bedroom’s interior.
What type of rug should I buy for my room?
You should consider the type of material you want and the budget you have for a bedroom rug.