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Buying Bedroom Rugs 101
Opting to purchase a high-quality rug is one of the best things you can do for any room in your home. Rugs are extremely transformative; they are actually quite amazing. There are so many on the market that are suited to all sorts of bedroom interiors. The challenge is narrowing down the list to the perfect bedroom throw rugs.

There are things to tick off a mental checklist when searching for “the one”. It takes time and patience to find the traits that work best for you and your room. Don’t worry, here’s the ultimate list of benefits that rugs have to offer, which you could look out for.
They Never Go Out of Style
It’s true, bedroom throw rugs are versatile pieces that can change with the times. Rugs are manufactured in so many styles, colors, and textures that are great for sprucing up rooms. There are certain designs for more bohemian, minimalist, industrial-styled, and other sorts of bedrooms. The list is truly endless.

Carpets and rugs have been compared to other works of art, like statement vases in a room or paintings on the wall. They are basically floor artistry when chosen correctly. Just like other statement pieces, bedroom throw rugs can define the space’s character or mood. If redecorating is a common theme in your household, rugs are the best way to do it
Provided Comfort is Unparalleled
Most of the materials that rugs are made of are made to exude comfort and warmth, literally. When you buy bedroom throw rugs, you also buy the insulation that they can provide. Not only can these rugs be soft to the touch, but they are also a great contrast to the cold hardwood floors of the bedroom. Adding a rug to the bedroom interior can also add to the area’s coziness with the right colors and textures. If you want to encourage rest and relaxation, a nice rug can do that for you and other occupants.
Accidents Have No Place Here
Slipping and sliding are nearly impossible with the grip that rugs have. Naturally, bedroom throw rugs have the type of friction that tiled floors just do not. Waking up and bustling around the room is a lot safer with protection right beneath your feet. This does not just apply to you, for younger family members can also play around the bedroom without scratches or bruises from falling on the floor. Pets are also less likely to injure themselves by jumping about a bedroom. Also, any dropped items that are fragile have a greater chance of staying in one piece when they land on the fluffy rug.
Peace and Quiet
Aside from adding to the peace by being comfortable, rugs can also buffer noise. Along with a rug pad, bedroom throw rugs naturally reduce noise traffic by absorbing sounds. It can muffle the sounds from other rooms in the house and quiet the footsteps within the bedroom.
Falling Into Place
There are three ways to best place bedroom throw rugs for balance within a space:

1. With runners on either side of the bed
2. With the bed completely on the rug
3. With the rug under two-thirds of the bed

The optimal rug placement depends on the size of the room and what furniture you have to work with. Putting the rug in the right place can add to the aesthetics of your room.
Which Dimension?
The size of your potential bedroom throw rugs will be dependent on your budget and overall space. The rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is big enough for an approximate 18 to 24-inch border surrounding the bed. The size guide below are just a few suggestions based on your current bed size:

Bed Size Suggested Rug Size
Full (53 inches by 75 inches) 6 inches by 9 inches
Queen (60 inches by 80 inches) 8 inches by 10 inches
King (76 inches by 80 inches) 9 inches by 12 inches
What Are You Made Of?
The material that a rug is made of can sway decisions. Some are pricier than others but offer more characteristics not found in cheaper choices. Some of the best bedroom throw rugs are made out of wool, jute, or a synthetic material.

Wool rugs are plush and very soft. Most wool rugs are tufted by hand, which means that loops of yarn are punched into a cloth. It is then backed with latex and sheared so that it has a cut-pile type of surface. It’s normal for these rugs to shed a tiny bit after purchase.

Another natural fiber is jute. Rugs that are made out of jute are also handwoven. They are textured but flat-woven. Because of their material, they are best for rooms that have a relaxing atmosphere.

Finally, the synthetically-made rugs. Since they come in such colorful designs, they are a popular choice. Synthetic rugs are very durable given that they are more affordable.

Whichever rug you end up choosing, remember to also find a rug pad. This helps reduce any movement from the rug in high foot-traffic rooms. Rug pads are also a preventive measure against wear and tear.
Find My Rug
The market is saturated with rugs that come in all shapes and sizes. Some may sacrifice features in order to be more affordable. Fortunately, RUGS&ROLL eliminates that issue. They offer high-quality craftsmanship that is constant throughout different rug lines. There are choices for every room in the house and for every purpose you can think of. The perfect bedroom throw rugs can definitely be found at RUGS&ROLL.

Are there bedroom throw rugs for every type of interior?

Yes, there is definitely a rug that would suit whatever aesthetic your bedroom has.

What are the best materials that my rug should be made of?

As mentioned, the top three rug materials you can look out for are synthetic rugs, wool carpets, or jute runners.

Does the size of the rug matter?

The overall look of the bedroom can be influenced by whether or not the rug size complements your bed’s dimensions.

Who can I trust for the top rugs?

RUGS&ROLL is the place to go for various, versatile, high-quality rugs.