Placement of bedroom rugs

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The Only Guide You Need for Proper Placement of Bedroom Rugs
Most of us have already experienced waking up to a cozy and rejuvenating sleep, only to be greeted by the sheer cold floor. Purchasing a rug is an excellent way to counter this; however, there are still some things that you should consider before pushing on this endeavor. First, you’ll have to understand what type of rug you should purchase and then learn how to incorporate the placement of bedroom rugs into your space properly.
Bedroom Rug Type Options
Not everyone has the same taste in rugs, so it’s best to know all your options before fully committing to a purchase. Here are some options for you to choose from.

Wool – Because of its natural fiber state, wool is one of the most comfortable materials on this list. Most wool rugs are hand-woven, but there are some exceptions, mainly those that are mass-produced. Aside from its natural material, wool is also popular because of its color and feel. If you’re a beginner, the wool material will do as your starting point when learning how to do the proper placement of bedroom rugs as it is versatile.


Silk – This material is more like a luxurious statement and is a perfect design choice for large and grand bedrooms. Silk is considered to be delicate and smooth, making it a lot harder to clean. If you don’t mind doing maintenance on your rug now and then, silk would be a good choice for you. However, it would be best to brace yourself for expenses, as silk-based rugs aren’t priced cheaply.


Cotton – If you want to add a comfortable material in your bedroom, then cotton should be your first pick. Not only that it provides an incredible amount of comfort, but rugs that are made out of cotton are also inexpensive. However, when it comes to durability, cotton material tends to fall off because of its composition. So only choose cotton if you’re open to replacing your rug when the time comes.


Jute and Bamboo – With its appearance, a rug that is made up of both jute and bamboo would provide a tropical or even coastal vibe, making it ideal for certain bedroom setups. Aside from that, naturally made rugs are also perfect as a secondary layer for another rug, so you should consider this material if you are eyeing to buy two different types; however, you should learn the proper placement of bedroom rugs before doing so.


Microfiber or Polyester – Synthetic rugs shouldn’t be your first choice if you’re aiming to leave an artistic or decorative impression with your rug. However, because it can be easily produced, its costs are comparatively lower than other market options. Due to its inexpensive material, you can purchase more rugs if you want to style more rooms in your house. Still, don’t go around placing your rug anywhere in the room, remember that there is an artful way of the placement of bedroom rugs.

Bedroom Rug Size Options
Depending on your bedroom’s space, you have different options for sizes.  This section will discuss more about the rug size and its importance to the placement of bedroom rugs.

Full Rugs – If you’re opting for this rug size, it is best to pick something that would be able to cover every piece of furniture in the bedroom, including the bed and nightstand. 


Medium Rugs – This size option is ideal for larger beds. Medium rugs cover enough of the floor while leaving enough space for your pathway.


Small Rugs – If you want to have a smaller rug beneath your soles, it is suggested for you to have multiple rugs around your space. However, don’t go overboard and make the room look off-balanced. A maximum of two rugs is suggested for this type of set-up.

Bedroom Rug Placement
It’s finally time for you to introduce your newly purchased rug to your space! This section will talk about the proper placement of bedroom rugs

Rug Underneath the Bed – This rug placement is more focused on rugs bigger than the bed. It can also be pulled off using medium-sized rugs, but you might need to make some adjustments to it, depending on the style of your bed.

It might also be a good choice for people who care a lot more about the design and the placement of bedroom rugs. The rug’s size can provide an overwhelming contrast on the bed and the color of the rug. You can use this to showcase your inner creativity through different patterns and hue combinations.

Half Rug Underneath the Bed – Medium-sized rugs are the ideal ones for this type of setup. The upper side of the bed should be outside of the rug and other furniture such as lamp desks and chairs. The flooring’s design can also be incorporated on this one, so be sure that you will consider the rug’s color and pattern that you will be buying.


Rugs on Each Side of the Bed – Smaller rugs shouldn’t be purchased in only one quantity. Instead, if you want to go for smaller size rugs, you should at least get two pieces. They can be similar in design and color, but they can also differ from one another, providing a unique and complex looking design.


A Rug on One Side of the Bed – This placement of bedroom rugs would require you a medium-sized rug to pull off. Place the rug on the side where you’ll mostly set your foot whenever you leave your bed. This way, you’ll have absolute protection from the sheer cold that any flooring would have early in the morning. 

Where to Buy a Product After Learning the Proper Placement of Bedroom Rugs?
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Are synthetic rugs dangerous for one’s health?
Synthetic materials such as microfiber or polyester aren’t dangerous to your health and are even safe for kids.
What is the best bedroom rug size to go with?
Your bed size should determine the rug size that you will purchase, but we recommend going for full rugs by default.
How often do I need to clean bedroom rugs?
Cleaning your rugs once a month will ensure that it is in its top shape.