Rugs in a bedroom

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Yay or Nay to Rugs in a Bedroom
It has been an ongoing debate for interior designers far and wide whether rugs go in a bedroom. However, this decision does not entirely depend on decorators, but owners too. Sure, hardwood floors have their aesthetic element but, are they practical? Are vinyl floors safer or more comfortable? Here are a few facts that should help you decide on whether you should purchase a rug for your bedroom or not.
Carpets vs. Rugs
The terms are interchangeable, but they do have varying definitions. Carpets are known to be installed in homes from wall-to-wall. Rugs, on the other hand, are more temporary coverings. Since rugs are more flexible, changing the look of a room is so easy. Moreover, redecorating is hassle-free and convenient. Carpets and rugs, in general, are also easy to clean. They are durable and protect expensive flooring. By acting as a layer between foot traffic and the floor, there’s no need to replace floorings frequently. Now that’s settled, here are all the details on the positive effects rugs in a bedroom have for bedroom owners.
Effortless Comfort
Since rugs are easily changed when seasons come and go, the upgrading of a room is effortless. Rugs in a bedroom add to the element of calmness and comfort that all rooms should have. Ending the day walking around barefoot on a rug should be a relaxing way to welcome bedtime. Of course, this relaxation ultimately depends on the materials chosen for the rug. Most on the market are breathable, stress-free to clean, and are incredibly soft to the touch.
Rugs in a bedroom are incredible for when you’re spending time reading or doing puzzles on the floor, or even dancing around your space. The contrast between cold, hard floors and a fluffy rug can trigger instant relaxation. 
Area Acoustics
Carpets and rugs are incredibly sound absorbent. They muffle airborne noise just like fancy acoustic materials do. Their ability to mute noise and encourage quiet environments make them welcome in many homes.
Rugs in a bedroom will also encourage a more productive environment. More open space bedrooms or apartments will have less distraction from any noise from the building or outside it. Chairs being moved about or doors opening and closing all contribute to disturbances. Having rugs in space reduces such noise significantly and offers more peaceful moments.
Hygiene and Health
Generally speaking, rugs around the house can contribute to mental health. Taking the time to slow down, sit down, and think about what you are grateful for positively impacts day-to-day life. Rugs in a bedroom make this possible. Choose a soft rug that you are comfortable meditating or reflecting on.
Likewise, it can also contribute to physical well-being. You can start the day strong with some light stretching or breathing exercises. They also help clear the air. By capturing allergens from contaminating the space, the material helps during days when the dust is prominent. Also, rugs in a bedroom are great for when you track mud or dirt from the outdoors. Indeed, indoor rugs such as those in the bedroom are perfect for keeping all of the muck in one place and are also very easy to clean and maintain.
Narrowing Down Choices
With endless rug choices out there, what criteria should you have when choosing? Here are things to consider when selecting rugs in a bedroom:

Bedroom type

You have to know what kind of space you have to help figure out what will complement the room best. Master bedrooms tend to have bigger beds, which in return, require bigger rugs. Placing rugs in a bedroom depends on the bed’s size and the general spacing of the room. Apartments or flats look more put together when the rug placed under the bed defines the bedroom space.

Overall theme

Rugs and carpets have the power to bring a room together or make everything seem out of place. The overall design and aesthetic of the room should dictate what type of rug one should buy. If the bedroom has more neutral-looking themes, opt for similar neutral hues or go for a pop of color. More industrial lofts can stick to a monochrome type of rug. Bohemian-themed bedrooms can go for more white and woven carpets. Ensure that the rug adds to the room and does not negatively impact the overall look and feel.

Material and Dimension

Lastly, the dimensions and materials are essential for rugs in a bedroom. More sustainable materials are recommended for those who live in more permanent spaces. Durable materials are great for houses in general, and they are more worth paying for. Moreover, the size is also critical. Bigger rugs can either complement a space or seem to take up way too much room. 
On the other hand, smaller ones can make areas look bigger or look entirely out of place. There’s also the choice of what shape you should go for. Rectangular designs can make a room look more put together and define spaces, while rounder rugs can complement spacing.
Having rugs inside my bedroom is a yes for me. Where can I buy one?
An impressive selection of rugs can be found at RUGS&ROLL. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that it doesn’t matter what type of bedroom you have. They are sure to have something that will suit your taste.
What is the best material for the bedroom rugs?
Wool, sisal, and cotton are some of the best and durable materials for bedroom rugs.
What are the most comfortable kinds of rugs?
For all-around comfort and relaxation, silk, wool, and cotton-made rugs are recommended.
How do I find the best area rugs for bedrooms?
Bedrooms rugs have to be the right size, should have a great texture that enhances the room’s feel, and should be made of durable material.
Can all rugs be vacuumed?
Flat rugs woven with shorter material are vacuum-friendly and can be sent over to professional carpet cleaners.