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Tips for a Great Front Door: How to Find the Best Rug
Front door rugs are a necessity when it comes to our homes. There are a number of reasons as to why, beginning with our concern for cleanliness and safety. As they say, the cleaner the place, the safer it is. Therefore, safeguarding such a principle requires a homeowner to purchase at least one entryway rug; it’s convenient, and all the while adds to the aesthetic of a home. 
If you are a budding homeowner, you will need to remember the importance of picking out the best front door rugs for your space. If you are already familiar with the inner workings of your house and those you share it with, you will know how significant the choice of something as mundane as a rug can be. For one, they help limit the dirt on your feet and footwear from getting inside your home, saving you the trouble of cleaning and scrubbing floors all night. Secondly, it prevents hazardous slips by keeping water from trailing onto your floor on rainy days. If you’re in the early stages of starting a family of your own, accidents can happen anywhere, and all the more should you want to do your best to keep your children from harm within your home environment. Lessening slippery floor surfaces is one of the many ways a rug can come in handy. Additionally, rugs help keep the air clean by holding in dirty contaminants, such as allergens and bacteria, for a clearer atmosphere. 
That said, here are some tips on how to find the best front door rugs for your home.
Choose something durable.
Durability is key when it comes to the products and brands you bring into your home. They last longer and are also far more practical. Homeowners need to be smart in making decisions about stuff like this, and in this case, investing in a strong rug that will withstand the test of time. To ensure its function within your household without periodically draining your wallet, front door rugs are best when durable, to remain useful for a significant period of time. Buying the same flimsy rugs over and over again, all because they’re too easily damaged by dirt and other forces, such as the washing machine, is a highly inconvenient pain. 
The best rug for your family ought to be one that is hardwearing. There are several different types you can get out there with a foundation of quality material and weaving at an affordable price as well!
Choose something that is machine-washable.
Vacuuming dirt, especially mud, off a rug doesn’t always work great. Heck, sometimes it might not even work at all. You should either be able to hose a rug down or throw it into the washing machine to thoroughly strip it of its mess. Unfortunately, not all front door rugs, or most types of rugs for that matter, are designed to be cleaned with a washing machine. Others will require professional cleaning services, which don’t always end up cheap.
Front door rugs that are machine-washable should be low-pile, built with material that can withstand the agitation and force of the machine. Regular rugs would otherwise suffer from breakage and tearing on the inside. Such rugs would have you running to the store for a new one sooner than you probably planned to; a bare entryway doesn’t always look pretty, so you’ll want to fill yours right away!
Consider darker colors.
A rug gets dirty at the end of the day, that’s a given, and obviously-stained ones become an eyesore. You don’t like the idea of having to throw yours in the wash every other day now, do you? When it comes to washable rugs, you have to avoid washing them too frequently if you don’t want to put your items at risk of much quicker wear and tear. Front door rugs in darker colors are easier to maintain as they are much better at hiding dirt from plain sight. 
So, if you are easily bothered by the appearance of a soiled rug, dark colors are your friend! Think of the bonus of their unique aesthetic offers too. 
Consider the material and design.
Material, first and foremost, is critical to the ensemble. It represents a rug’s durability and ability to withstand a trip to the washing machine. To pick the right one, make sure you get one made of the right material. Front door rugs can be either synthetic or cotton, in which case you’ll have to pick one that fits your budget well. Rugs of sophisticated material can get expensive, and because you’re only really looking to keep out dirt, there’s no need for something too elegant.
Design is still a given, of course. Your preference matters too. Choose something that matches your style and the personality of the home. Be creative in selecting the aesthetics you’re looking for in your front door rugs.
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How should I clean my front door rug?
Throwing it into the machine is easier than scrubbing or handwashing, so machine washing is definitely recommended.
Are synthetics durable?
Yes, they are; they even mimic the quality of wool and are cheaper.
Are front door rugs expensive?
Not necessarily; there are lots of cheap yet quality rugs out there, and you can find them at RUGS&ROLL.
Should I put rugs in all my entryways?
If you have multiple doors leading into your house, it is recommended that you purchase one for all of them to ensure better that no dirt gets in from outside.