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How to Find the Best Front Door Rug

Investing in different furniture and accenting pieces can really tie a home’s visual appeal together. The exterior elements of the home are just as important as whatever is inside because it sets the tone for the environment you live in. The garden, garage door, front porch, and the front door rug matter even though they vary in size and the space that they occupy. The front door rug alone can really anchor all of these individual areas and draw guests’ attention. Whether you’re decorating the solarium, veranda, or patio, we’re here to help you find the best front door rug for your humble abode.

Consider Its Material

A significant difference between indoor and outdoor rugs is their composition. That’s why indoor or outdoor rugs are popular choices for front door mats. The best front door rug for the outside of your home should be made out of a long-lasting material that can withstand whatever comes its way, rain or shine. There are ones better for fighting against stains and others that just don’t fade no matter how long they’ve been out there. Here are the materials to check out at RUGS&ROLL:

Jute or sisal is the more natural fiber on the market. They are great for porches because they are firm and comfortable. These biodegradable and eco-friendly options are budget-friendly. However, they are best for covered patios. This is because both materials are prone to fading when in direct sunlight. They are both susceptible to mildew and mold growth and jute, in particular, is hard to clean.

Polypropylene rugs are the most frequently purchased outdoor rug. They are stain-resistant as well as easy to maintain. Heavy-foot traffic, sunlight, and moisture are not a problem at all with polypropylene rugs. They are even more affordable than natural materials and are just as comfortable to walk all over. However, because they have a complex chemical makeup, they are highly-flammable. So it is recommended to keep them away from the fire pit or barbecue out front.

The third material to consider is polyester. This is great for drier climates. It’s another fade-resistant fabric that makes it durable. Most stains are fine around this type of rug, but any oil-based ones are quite hard to clean up. Keep polyester rugs out of outdoor areas where you dine to ensure it lasts longer.

Finally, we have nylon mats. Rugs composed of nylon are the right ones to get for front doors that get a lot of use. The durability that nylon guarantees makes the best front door rug for high foot traffic homes.

Best Placement

The best front door rug has both aesthetic elements and functionality, whether indoors or outdoors. Ideally, a rug should be placed right outside your front door. This welcomes guests and works as a place for dirt and other debris to stay instead of making their way inside your home.

Another great place they can go is under any furniture near your front door. Some residential homes have space for outdoor seating where afternoon tea or early morning reading can take place.

Any other areas around the front door that get the most wear and tear are also prime rug spots. This way, the floors or hardwood exteriors are also protected from neverending footfall.

Patterns and Prints

Rugs and mats aren’t one color, texture, or material anymore. The best front door rug is one that fits in with what your home already looks like. Thankfully, brands like RUGS&ROLL make that possible. Adding texture or an element surprise to your patio has never been more accessible. Nowadays, the market offers stripes of all shapes and sizes, polka dots that come in different colors, animal prints, and synthetic textures that could fool anyone. Ultimately, the design or print that your front door rug has should be an expression of you and your home. They are statement pieces, so take your time.

A Matter of Size

The best front door rug should complement that space that they are put in but not overwhelm guests or yourself. Pay attention to what surrounding furniture you have to work with or the door that fronts your home. The most common rugs for front doors depend on the area’s size:

Area’s Size in Feet Suggested Rug Size in Feet
4 by 6 3 by 5
5 by 7
6 by 9 5 by 8
7 by 10
9 by 11 8 by 10
10 by 12
10 by 13 9 by 12
11 by 14
11 by 16 12 by 14
12 by 17

What About Maintenance?

The amount of maintenance that the best front door rug requires will depend on its material, amount of foot traffic, and other external factors. Ultimately, what it’s made out of matters the most. Some rugs are significantly easy to clean, while others will require more care or professional help. A front door rug is an investment; make sure to choose one of the materials mentioned above so that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Finding the Best Front Door Rug

Let’s say you have a certain material that you want and know exactly what size to get, but where can you purchase a high-quality rug that meets your requirements? RUGS&ROLL will be sure to house front door rugs that have all, if not more, of the criteria on your list. Buy the best front door rug at RUGS&ROLL now!


How do I know what dimensions my front door rug should be?

There are five common sizes in the table above that will help you narrow down what you’re looking for depending on the size of the area you want to place that rug in.

What are the most durable materials for my rug?

Choose either jute, sisal, polyester, or nylon for front door rugs that will last around your household for a long time.

Should I purchase an indoor or outdoor rug?

That totally depends on you and your budget because you can get one of the other, both, or a marriage of the two since indoor/outdoor rugs are also manufactured.