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How to Choose the Best Door Entry Rug for Your Home

It is crucial to use decors, accessories, and furniture to help your space be more clean and presentable. A home does not only need an attractive design and decor; it also needs enough maintenance and protection from outside sources of dirt and dust. Not only can it make your home more impressive, but it can also make your home safer! However, how can a house be presentable and hygienic at the same time?

A door entry rug has a lot of advantages. It may seem like a minor accessory for your home, but it can create a great first impression and can look inviting for your friends and visitors. An entry rug can sure set a tone for your front door. Furthermore, entry rugs can brighten up the front space of your home, making your visitors feel at home and comfortable.

However, it would be best to consider some things before choosing the right entry rugs. Here are some of the things you should check first before selecting what is best for your front door.

Proper Sizing

The primary function of a door entry rug is to allow family members or visitors to scrape the dirt, debris, and moisture from their shoes before proceeding inside the house. You surely don’t want a wet and messy floor inside your home. It is crucial to choose a big enough rug; however, it still depends on your budget and space. Smaller rugs can not provide assurance because people may walk through them without even wiping their feet or shoes.

It is ideal for an entryway to have a larger mat as it can encourage people who sometimes need a little reminder to clean or remove their shoes before entering your home. However, you need to make sure that the size of your entry rug is proportionate to the actual size of your entryway; you don’t want your front door to look wimpy or ill-matched.

Durable Material

An ideal entry rug for your home is a rug with natural fiber material. Aside from it goes well with any other entry door design because of its natural tan color and design, it can also consistently keep the dirt out of your house. Commonly, your entry can be a high-traffic space, so it is essential to pick a rug that can be long lasting and is durable enough to do its job.

A door entry rug with robust material is the best option for you. A wool rug can combine durability and comfort in one; that is why it is the top choice of homeowners for front door rugs.

Complimentary Style

Rugs can help hide specks of dirt temporarily and help keep your home clean and safer. However, well-chosen style and pattern design is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a rug for your front door because it can add visual interest to your front space. Furthermore, you can also opt for a different color and interesting patterns for your door entry rug to extend your whole front door’s aesthetics.

To effectively achieve a complementary style, you should choose a rug that can go well with your front door space’s design and decor. You can also reflect on your style and how these rugs can function and draw attention. It can be a traditional rug design, modern style, or a simple design with a friendly message and cool graphics, all depending on your personality and preference!

Easy to Clean

Since your house’s entryways are commonly high-traffic, which means a lot of people may come in and out, it is essential to choose a door entry rug that is easy to clean. You sometimes don’t probably have a lot of time to clean your rugs. It is crucial to go for a rug that is easy to take care of and choose one that can last for years, even with low maintenance.

If you consider and prioritize affordable and easy to clean rugs, cotton rugs are the best for you! You can just throw it in the washing machine, put just enough detergent, and it is ready to use again when it’s dry! Just don’t use an all-white cotton rug, it may look good for days, but it won’t be easy to maintain its luxurious look over time.

How can I increase the life of my door entry rug?

You can try the open door test! There are common spaces between your door and your entryway floor. Over time, the opening and closing of your door can cause severe damage to the rugs. To avoid this, you can place the rugs a little farther from the door, or you can choose a shorter pile rug to make it easier for you.

Where can I get a quality door entry rug?

If you are finding the best quality and affordable rugs for your entry doors, you can never go wrong with RUGS&ROLL. You have the freedom to choose and find the size, shape, style, and texture of rugs that match your style and budget. The store has everything for your door entry rug needs. It won’t be hard for you to browse the shop as you may find something you like from the variation of rugs sold at RUGS&ROLL. Go for a hassle-free purchase now!


How thick should my entry rug be?

A thicker pile is not recommendable; short pile rugs have firmer brushing action that can be more effective in terms of removing dirt.

What other material is suitable for a rug?

Aside from wool, rugs with materials such as sisal, bamboo, seagrass, and polypropylene are also considered excellent and durable.

What shape of the rug is best for my entryway?

If you have a long and narrow entryway, you can choose a rectangular shape rug, but if you have arched front doors, you can use a round shape rug.

How can I prevent my door entry rug from slipping?

To avoid your rug from slipping, you can use a rubber pad underneath it; these pads have materials like rubber or non-stick vinyl that can help your rug stay fixed.