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Things to Know: Owning a Doorway Rug

One’s doorway is the entrance to a building or room in which you entered through a door. The comfort that guests and homeowners will feel coming from the rug will reflect significantly. How you design your house, primarily your doorway, reflects the environment you want everyone to feel.

The well-known benefit to having a doorway rug is keeping the dirt and moisture outside your home. As such, it is crucial when designing to pick a rug that both has durability and the ability to make your doorway bright and welcoming. Owning a rug has many benefits; here are some that may help you get the rug you desire:

It can help make your home cleaner.

As mentioned, rugs help make your home clean. Guests could have accumulated dirt from their shoes, causing a massive layer of debris. With a doorway rug that guests would wipe the soles of their feet with, the very same dirt that you let in your house can be harmful to you and your family. A clean house is a healthy home since it leaves fewer chances for bacteria and germs to hide.

Additionally, suppose you are only cleaning after every guest still without a doorway rug. In that case, you are letting allergens and dust build up in your carpeting, upholstery, bedding, and grout in the tiles, causing homeowners to experience asthma and allergies. Having a clean home can make the lives of the homeowners easier.

What material should I use for a doorway rug?

If you still do not know what material to use for your doorway rug, consider the fact that this rug is prone to traffic and dirt. As such, it is essential to choose a material that can endure the constant pressure from your feet and the ability to repel dirt and moisture. Also, choose a rug that best suits you as a person since this rug will say a lot about you and your family.

Jute and Sisal Rugs

Nowadays, rugs like jute and sisal are the favored material for doorways. More often than not, your doorway rug is the defense against trapping dirt and moisture; with jute and sisal rugs, it can easily catch them and be cleaned. You can opt to shake your rug outside or just vacuum it frequently simply. Rugs like this are made from a plant, and it is a sustainable and renewable material.

Additionally, it is well-known for its durability, which is a must for rugs in the doorway. It has the sturdiest natural fiber lasting longer than rugs like seagrass and other natural fibers. It is friendly to the environment, and if you are a person who cares about climate change, this rug is the right one for you.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs for years are still on-demand and popular among interior designers and homeowners alike. The reason for this is it’s longevity and comfort feel. You would want your doorway rug to withstand time and pressure, and it is precisely what wool rugs are. It is known for its durability when placed in your doorway as well as when cleaning it. After more than five years of use, wool rugs won’t show any sign of wear and tear.

Although it costs more than synthetic rugs, wool rugs are considered an investment because of their longevity. Additionally, wool rugs are easy to clean since you may simply opt to sprinkle dry rug shampoo onto its surface and leave it for the recommended time, then vacuuming it. You won’t even have to spend a great deal of time trying to clean your rug since the shampoo is doing it for you.

Nylon Rugs

Just like the other two, a nylon doorway rug is known for its durability. As you know by now, it is a must when it comes to rugs that you will place on your doorway. A nylon rug is synthetic, which means it is made from human-made fibers instead of natural ones, like jute and sisal. The threads of nylon rugs are made from a lab and then sent to a rug factory to be woven using a machine.

Nylon rugs are incredibly soft despite being durable. It is perfect for high traffic areas, like a doorway. It is highly resilient as well and can withstand immense pressure from objects as well as people. It can also withstand wear and tear, which makes it a great decorative piece in your entryway. Finally, its shape can last for years and maintain its softness.

Where do I place my rug?

When placing your rug, always remember the rule of thumb regarding this type of rug. By definition, a rule of thumb is an accurate guide based on experience rather than a theory. When it comes to these rugs, you must place them directly in front of your door. The reason for this is so that guests have no choice but to clean their shoes off or opt to take them off simply.

Additionally, always remember before purchasing a rug that you have to measure where you wish to place it to avoid unnecessary trips to the store. Finally, It is an unsaid rule that when a rug is placed in one’s home, you, as a guest, is supposed to wipe your feet off since you may have gathered dust and dirt in your shoes.

Where can I find the best rugs for my doorway?

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How do I pick the right doorway rugs?

Always measure where you would want to place it before buying and what furniture is surrounding the rug for it to complement each other.

What color and pattern should I buy?

The color and pattern you choose have to match the furniture that is already in your doorway, along with your house’s walls to complement each other or contrast.

How often should carpets be cleaned?

Doorway rugs have to be professionally cleaned for at least six months, although you may vacuum it every one to two months for a squeaky clean house.

What material should I pick for my entryway?

It depends on your budget; although wool rugs are the safest bet, it is the expensive choice that is also known for its longevity.