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Beautify your door with an entry door rug
By definition, an entry door is the main entrance of your house, it faces the road, and people can see it from the outside. When you first enter your home, your entry door rug is the first thing you see, the same goes for your visitors. 
The exterior of a house says a lot about its homemakers. It might seem minor, but it can say a lot about how you want others to perceive you. How you design your entry door is how you want to be seen, and there are numerous rugs nowadays that can help you with this. The following features why you should buy an entry door rug and what to consider when deciding on what kind of rug to get.
It makes a great first impression.
As mentioned earlier, this very rug is the first thing that people will notice when they first arrive at your home; it is where you greet your visitors and delivery people. The perfect rug will set the tone for their first entry into your place. 
With the help of this rug, you can make your home as aesthetically pleasing as can be. It’s common knowledge that while guests wait on you to answer your door, they are most likely to stand at the entryway, and this may give them a good minute to observe the kind of environment they’re about to walk into.
Find the right size. 
Every entry door rug is different, and there is really no right or wrong type of rug for a door. However, when looking for the perfect rug for your entry door, you must consider your entry door’s width along with that of your rug’s. It is essential for homeowners or interior designers to first do this as this acts as the basis for putting together an aesthetically pleasing front door space.
Entry door width.
In most cases, the rule of thumb is applied; the rule of thumb is an accurate measurement, rule, or principle based on experience. The rule of thumb for the size of this type of rug is that it should be the same width as the size of your doorframe, or 80 percent larger for a better appeal. For instance, if you have a double door, which is estimated to have a width of six feet, it is recommended that you buy a rug that is at least four feet, or 9.6 inches wide.
Entryway door rug length.
The length of a rug is also essential, especially with an entry door rug. As mentioned before, it is where we greet outsiders. Anybody coming from outside will be in footwear with dirt and moisture on them. Therefore, it is also suggested to measure the stepping height of your house, as well as the rug’s. 
The ideal use of an entry door rug is for it to be stepped on twice by visitors before entering. For this to take effect, the rug must be lower than the stepping of your house. The reason for this is: to clear the dirt, debris, mud, etc., that the visitors may have on the soles of their shoes. 
Make sure there is clearance between the rug and the door.
Indeed, length and width need to be considered when purchasing a rug for your entry door. However, door clearance is just as crucial. To illustrate, if a rug has the same height as the bottom of your door, your door will most likely get stuck on it, or even stop in the middle of opening. This is what makes the consideration of your door clearance necessary in ensuring a hassle-free experience with your rug.
The best material for an entry door rug.
This type of rug experiences the most trampling, and it is more likely to wear and tear and accumulate dirt. You must make sure that you choose a rug that can withstand traffic, is less likely to be easily damaged, and is easy to clean.

Wool is famous amongst interior designers as it is pleasing to the eyes while giving off comfortable vibes. It can also withstand pressure and is easy to clean. This is perfect for your entry door as the fibers of wool rugs are naturally moisture and stain-resistant. With all the perks that wool has, it is also durable, and it can last for years. It holds color well too. Wool rugs are generally pricey, but with the highest quality that RUGS&ROLL produces, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with its perks.
Jute and sisal are other durable rug types. They also catch dirt and moisture well and are not a pain to clean; you can opt to use a vacuum or give it a good shake. 
Synthetic fiber rugs that are made from olefin, nylon, polyester, etc. are another excellent design for front doors. The perks of this type of rug include customizability that fits your taste. Like the two former options, they are stain-resistant and easy to clean. These are the cheapest options of the three, although they may show wear and tear signs sooner.

Where can you find the best entry door rug?
RUGS&ROLL is a brand and more; it ensures that its customers experience the best customer service there is. They produce high-quality products only, with a wide array of options. You don’t have to go searching high and low for the perfect rugs for you. With RUGS&ROLL, they are just around the corner.
What is the best material for an entry door rug?
For these types of rugs, jute and sisal, wool, and synthetic fibers are the best options.
How do I find the best rug for an entryway?
You must follow the steps above to find the right size for your house; with the correct measurements and the right color, your front door will look perfect.
Can all types of rugs be vacuumed?
It depends on what product you buy, but jute, sisal, wool, and synthetic rugs are usually cleaned this way, or by simple shaking.
How can I protect my entry door rug?
You can do this by placing a small bench beside the rug where guests can remove their shoes, causing less traffic to your rug.