Farmhouse front door rug

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Make Your Home Cozier with a Farmhouse Front Door Rug

Are you not feeling welcomed enough when entering your own home? Do you feel like there’s a void that needs to be filled from something lacking in your entryway? Then maybe you need a front door rug. Did you know that having a front door rug can make your house cozier? With an essential front door rug, you can make your entryway more stylish that will reflect your house’s cozy vibe.

Apart from cleaning off the dirt under your shoes, it gives a design to your front door that will certainly leave an impression for you and your guests. If you are not yet convinced, then here are a few more reasons why you should consider buying a farmhouse front door rug.

A Home Décor.

Sometimes, we may think of crossing off rugs from the list when buying household items, as it is often believed to be not as important. In contrast, it is just as important as any other household item, as it has its own unique functions. A farmhouse front door rug, for example, serves best as a welcoming rug when entering a household.

Choosing the best front door rug will clean off the dirt from people’s shoes and give them a warm, welcoming feeling while entering your house. Moreover, a front door rug also leaves an impression on your guests. Always remember that you only get one chance to make a great first impression, so it’s better to choose an attractive one. Also, it gives your front door an aesthetic style that is visually attractive and appealing.

Live up to its purpose.

Going back home is the best part of the day as we can finally relax from exhaustion. As this may be true, we sometimes forget the places we had been to before going back to our cozy homes, not realizing how dirty our shoes can get from completing errands. Especially if you live in the outskirts of town, like on a farm, for example. This is where a farmhouse front door rug lives up to its purpose as it collects the dirt from your shoes before you enter your home.

Moreover, it also does the job for your guest as they can wipe their shoes on the rug before entering your home.

Shapes and sizes: small, medium, or large?

Like any other kind of rugs, a farmhouse front door rug comes in multiple shapes and sizes. It is essential to know the rule of thumb when choosing the size for a front door rug. The rug size should be at least eighteen to twenty-four inches in length or a little bit bigger enough to cover the floor space for your entryway. However, this may not apply to every household, especially with houses that have smaller entryways. It is still best to measure your entrance to know how much flooring you would want to show.

You have to make sure that choosing the best rug shape reflects your entryway’s form and style. A runner—a kind of rug—would suit best with a long and narrow entrance. Rectangular entries will look more fashionable with rectangular-shaped rugs. However, you can spice things a little by choosing a circle-shaped rug or any other shape as long as it would best suit your taste.

Easy to clean and reusable.

As we all know, rugs are the most used household item when it comes to cleaning, especially if it’s a front door rug, as it is exposed outside of the house, which can easily get dirty. Apart from that, the shoes of every person that enters the home might be dirty from outdoor activities.

However, rugs like the farmhouse front door rug are actually very easy to clean. With just some soapy water, you can rinse and wash the rug, leave it to dry, and you’re all set! Moreover, aside from its easy-to-clean feature, rugs are also made durable so that you can reuse it as many times as it lasts.

What is it made of?

There are various materials that a farmhouse front door rug can be made of, such as jute and sisal, natural rubber, cotton hand-woven, microfiber, and polypropylene. Jute and sisal rug materials are very much known for their durability and functionality, hence their popularity.

It is best to know various kinds of rug material when choosing each one has its own pros and cons. This is to find what type of rug material will best suit you and your front door. When it comes to cleaning a front door rug, it is wise to note the rug material as some cleaning materials can damage the rug, which will cost its durability.

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What is the best material for a farmhouse front door rug?

There are various options to choose from, such as jute and sisal, natural rubber, cotton hand-woven, microfiber, and polypropylene.

How do I find the best rug for my front door?

It is best to consider your front door’s interior to choose a rug that best suits your taste.

Are there different kinds of design patterns aside from stripes?

RUGS&ROLL offers various rug design pattern options such as checkered plaid, geometric shapes, and even hand-woven rugs.

What size should I get for a farmhouse front door rug?

It is better to measure your entryway to know how much floor space you would want to cover, but you can opt to choose a front door rug that is wide enough for your entryway.