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Why You Need a Front Door Area Rug and How to Choose One
The first landing shapes the first impression. The moment that a guest enters the house, it is always the entryway that stands out first. Hence, it is important to make a good first impression that begins with your entryway. Given this, many people install fancy doors and decorate them according to the theme of the home. This setup includes the welcome mat or rug.
A front door area rug is one of the many charms of a home. It looks clean and welcoming and, of course, sends the message that you care about the well-being of your guests and your family itself. When expecting guests or waiting for your kids to get home, you can expect that they might trail dirt onto the floor, especially if it is muddy or raining outside. To prevent the mess of the weather from getting through, what better way than to get yourself a rug that will lessen it upon entry?
There are a lot of reasons why you should get a front door area rug. If you are getting one yourself, read on for tips on how to choose one before you actually do.
Why You Need A Front Door Area Rug

Avoid the mess.

As mentioned before, dirt and mess can make its way onto your floor and can be pretty difficult to clean too. Most shoes and other outdoor footwears easily pick up water and dirt, especially mud. If you have kids, you know how much of a headache this can be to clean. 
With a front door area rug, you can bet that this dirt will be cleaned off before your guests or your kids get inside. This way, you can save yourself from the trouble of scrubbing floors every time someone walks past your doorstep.

Refine air quality.

Any dirt, dust, or mess that might get inside the home can contaminate the air. It can bring dangerous pollen, allergens, and bacteria that can cause sickness in the family. With a front door area rug at your home, it will reduce and trap dirt and prevent them from carrying any harmful air contaminants inside.
As parents and homeowners, we would hate for anything to sabotage our family’s health, right? One step to prevent this right now is to get a good rug for your entryway!

Prevent slips.

This is very helpful for when the weather outside is wet. When the floor is wet, there is a high chance of slipping, especially for children who like to play. Shoes can also trail water and rain inside, risking falling accidents among residents and visitors. 
With a front door area rug, preventing such dangerous accidents is possible. It lessens the danger inside the home and even saves you from stressing too much. Because many of us are parents, we tend worry lot. Hence, it would help if you lessened the possible things that put your family at risk by upgrading your home space. 
How to Choose the Best Front Door Area Rug
It is not just the color, design, or style you should keep in mind (although these are quite important). There are other things to consider too, just like the following:

Consider the size.

Before you decide on what kind of look suits well with the floor, you should take a look at the size of the entryway itself so you can get one that matches its size. You won’t want it to be too big or too small. The right size will fit the door’s entryway perfectly, or it can be wider to ensure that the person steeping on it will be comfortable. 
The front door area rug should cover the area comfortably. 

Check the space.

The space between the floor and the bottom of your door should be measured so the door does not snag whenever you open or close it with your rug underneath. You can do this by repeatedly closing and opening the door to give you a guide you on how thick the front door area rug should be. While it can be funny to have your door snagged, this can significantly decrease the lifespan of your door and may get a little inconvenient.  

Get something that is machine washable.

The front door area rug will be significantly marred with various dusts, dirt, mud, and other messes, so you will have to clean it frequently. To save you the time and effort it takes to do so, make sure you get something that can be washed by the machine. Make sure that it will not easily tear, as simply vacuuming a dirty rug will not work most times.  

Get something with a pattern.

Patterns can hide small specks of dirt so they won’t be too obvious. This way, without distracting your visitors, you can postpone cleaning your rug until it clearly needs a wash. 
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What rugs can be machine washed?
Materials such as wool, faux fur, synthetic, and others that are low-pile can be washed in the machine.
Is it better to get darker colors?
Dark colors can hide dirt significantly, so if they fit your style and preference, you should definitely pick hues from that spectrum.
How can I prevent it from slipping?
You can get a rubber pad underneath to secure it to the spot.
What shape should I get?
It depends on the size and layout of your entryway; if it is long and narrow, a rectangular rug will do, while arched ones will need a rounder shape.