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Front Door Rug Indoor Tips for Your Home
If you’ve got a place of your own, you probably know by now why you should have a rug at your front door. There are so many ways to make a home attractive, but what better way to start than the entryway? Getting a rug to place on the inside of your front door can do wonders to style your home, and don’t forget the benefit of its practical functionality.  
Don’t leave any part of the house behind, especially your front door. With that said, putting a front door rug indoor to your home will look magnificent paired with your outdoor rug. Even if you don’t have one, it will look just as good on its own. Avoid the mess that footwear brings inside the house with a little extra article of design.
Here are some home tips for your front door rug indoor:
Front door rug indoor tip #1: Consider the space between the door and the entryway floor.
The bottom of a door usually leaves a small gap from the surface below that lets the door move open and closed without grazing the floor. When putting a rug at the foot of your door, see to it that it makes little contact with the bottom part, as continuous opening and closing may snag onto and ruin its material in the long run. Measure the space so that you can give both your rug and door room to breathe.
Front door rug indoor tip #2: Consider what shape to get.
In choosing a rug for your front door, get one that is in the right shape. Consider its contribution to the whole design and visual of your entry hall, apart from just its functionality. Function matters, yes, but wouldn’t it look quite awkward if your rug’s form didn’t match the entryway? Depending on the design of your hall, options can range from rectangular to circular. Many homeowners prefer the rectangular shape, but there are many more if you know where to look. 
Front door rug indoor tip #3: Consider the material that a rug is made of.
There are various materials that are both well-suited to the feet and to the style of a home. Because front door rugs are generally decorations that help minimize the dirt that comes with a person’s entrance, the right material, such as rubber, should easily take the dirt off one’s shoes. Strong materials like jute or cotton work too. Although cotton tends to demand more frequent cleaning, it is quite comfortable. 
Front door rug indoor tip #4: Consider the designs and colors.
Of course, what makes choosing a rug fun is the selection of designs and colors available. These elements are essential to the aesthetics and visuals of the entryway; it is the first stop of every person that enters the house. If the front door is attractive enough, guests will have great expectations for the interior designs. When choosing a front door rug indoor, make sure to get a design that goes well with the rest of the house. Darker colors may be preferable since they can hide dirt pretty well.
Front door rug indoor tip #5: Consider the patterns.
As a homeowner, you will likely find that you can never go wrong with a patterned rug. This is a classic. When it comes to your front door, you can rest assured that they can hold up with their work pretty well. For one, remember that they add aesthetic value to a house, so the kind of pattern that you choose for your rug is very significant in determining the fate of the visuals in your home. Because they’re also meant to hide a lot of dirt and grime over time, you should get something that is not so light that the mess on it becomes noticeable after just a bit of use. 
Front door rug indoor tip #6: Consider the price.
Of course, when planning to decorate your home, you may be tempted to go all out. Still, it is much more important to value the limits of your budget. The price of a rug should not cost any more than the level of aesthetic and functionality that it brings to the front door and to your home. There are many rugs that are expensive yet practically useless in the aspects of comfort, function, and design. Choose something that will guarantee you quality. There are cheaper options out there that are also pretty great at doing their jobs.
Front door rug indoor tip #7: Consider your preference.
While you may be swayed by the many ideas that are presented in front of you, you should trust and follow your own preference as well.
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Should I clean my rug regularly?
It is recommended that you do so, but bear in mind that washing it too often may cause its quality to deteriorate.
Can I fold my front door rug?
You should avoid folding a rug right after cleaning; it is best to let it dry first, as rugs dry better when they are laid flat.
Which way should my rug face?
There are many directions that will work just fine depending on every different rug, but you may also look up instructions from feng shui experts online.
What should the size of my front door rug be?
Get something that is not smaller than 80% of the entrance door’s width.