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Decorating Your Home: The Advantages of Getting Front Door Rug Outdoor 
A front door is an entrance to your house. It’s where people often spend a good minute waiting for you to answer their knocking, visitors and mailpersons alike. Above all, it is the front of your house that people on the street pass by and see all the time. 
Decorating the front door is often overlooked; some may not know that it can reflect what kind of person a homeowner is. Thus, it is essential to decorate your front door with trustworthy items like a front door rug outdoor. By purchasing one, you can save yourself from taking in dirt or moisture from outside. To help you decide on what to get, these are the following tips on how to get a front door rug for outdoor:
What size should I get for my front door rug outdoor?
A common mistake of homeowners is simply buying rugs without doing the measuring. Purchasing significantly fancy products is not always the solution, as this can become too costly for practical use. On the other hand, choosing too small of a front door rug outdoor might not do for at catching dirt and moisture from the soles of your shoes. In order to get the perfect sized front door rug outdoor for you, always remember to measure first. 
Determine the width of the rug.
The first rule of thumb for this matter is for the width of your rug to always be equal to or greater than 80% of the width of your front door. If you have double doors, which are most likely to be a width of six feet, this would mean that the rug for it must measure at least four feet, 9.6 inches wide. 
The rug’s length.
After measuring the width of placement for the front door rug outdoor, next comes measuring its length. It is ideal for guests to step on the rug two times to get rid of moisture, mud, soil, and dirt from their footwear. For example, if your guest walked through a muddy place, and your carpet length is high, dirt is still likely to fall past your doorstep.
Door clearance is a must!
The next step to measuring is knowing the clearance of your door. This means that the space between the floor and the bottom of your door must have room for the rug you will be purchasing. This is crucial since you wouldn’t want your door to get stuck every time you use it, causing damage to your front door rug outdoor.
What material should I buy for my front door? 
Always remember that a front door rug outdoor experiences the most traffic. You must choose a rug that can withstand years of pressure, harsh weather, and dirt or moisture. Front door rugs are known for their double-duty function, which indoor rugs cannot match up to. After measuring where to place your rug, consider the following materials that best suit your front door:

A material like polyester has many perks, namely durability. It can withstand harsh weather, and it is also easy to clean. It is lightweight and makes your front door pop. 


Polypropylene is synthetic material for a rug that is perfect for the outdoors. Plus, it is resistant to UV rays. If you opt to leave this type of rug outside for an extended period, the color will not fade. Additionally, this type of material is also budget-friendly, and offers a wide array of patterns and styles to choose from.


Sisal rugs are known to hold well in places where high traffic areas are prone. 

Nylon rugs can be a pricy option as they cost more to manufacture, but it is also the top choice for decorating homes. It holds wear and tear well, it doesn’t absorb moisture, and it can also withstand high traffic pressure.

How to clean and protect my front door rug outdoor?
If you choose a material of quality that can be cleaned with a washing machine, you may opt to use that method instead for a hassle-free experience. You can simply hose it down with cold water mixed with a small amount of soap or rug cleaner as well. After lathering the rug with the soap mixture, use a small brush to clean it thoroughly. Next, make sure the soap is thoroughly rinsed off, then squeeze the rug tightly to remove excess water. Finally, lay the rug in a sunny place to dry it thoroughly.
If your outdoor rug has mold, mildew, or moss, you can clean it using bleach or a natural cleanser. A natural cleanser has a mixture of soda and vinegar. 
One way of protecting your rug is by placing a chair next to it where guests can remove their shoes, leaving the dirt accumulated in the soles of their footwear outside. This is beneficial as less dirt will be brought inside.
Where can you find the best front door rug outdoor?
RUGS&ROLL is a brand that produces high-quality products as they only use the best materials and resources there are to make this possible. They offer the best customer service and make sure to satisfy their customers in every way possible. You don’t have to search high and low when RUGS&ROLL is just around the corner.
What is the best material for front door rugs? 
As mentioned before, you may opt for rugs like nylon or polyester because they are well known for durability and longevity.
How do I find the right rug for my front door?
Getting your measurements right is the right first move. After doing this, it becomes easier to choose any design that you want for your door’s overall feel.
Is buying this type of rug for my front door essential?
Just by buying a rug for your front door, you can save yourself from constantly cleaning the inside of your house, and other rugs that you may have inside as well, costing you less time and effort.