Indoor rugs

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What is the Big Deal with Indoor Rugs?

Hardwood flooring and tiles have always been a popular flooring choice. Carpets just aren’t installed into houses as often as they used to be. Indoor rugs, however, are continuing to gain popularity for being non-permanent, like carpets are but versatile and more comfortable than traditional flooring. They come in varied styles, making them suitable for even the most unique residential home. Here’s exactly why they are a trend that is not going away any time soon.


One of the most time-efficient ways to change a room’s mood or vibe is having indoor rugs. As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless. There are rugs and mats for every season, occasion, and preference out there. The textures and designs are varied, as are the sizes and shapes that establishments like RUGS&ROLL can offer.

Their versatility and ability to be moved from room to room make them an investment too. Depending on what material you prefer, cleaning is a lot easier. Stains and stray debris can be collected on indoor rugs and cleaned either by you or a professional. This saves the hardwood floor or tiles from wear and tear. It will also save you time from scrubbing down the floors.


Incorporating new indoor rugs are more budget-friendly than remodeling or redecorating rooms and other areas of the house. You can dress up and room and make others more inviting and cozy. They are affordable but can be extremely high quality. This way, you can change up living spaces every so often without breaking the bank.


There are traditional rugs that can last a time if they are adequately maintained. Other indoor rugs are now blends of different materials. These more modern ones last even longer but have designs, patterns, or hues that do not fade. Rugs can also withstand constant foot traffic if they are in welcoming areas or busy places like kitchens.

Air Quality is Improved

The belief that indoor rugs actually contribute to the floating dust bunnies around the house has been around since the beginning of their manufacturing. Modern studies have found this to be false, extremely so. Rugs and carpeting are actually some of the best ways to breathe easier. Naturally, their fibers can trap any allergens or toxins in the air. After they collect all of these nasties, it’s easy to get rid of them by simply cleaning the rug or mat. Then you can put them back where they were, and they’ll continue to provide your home with clean air.


Indoor rugs have also received praise for being very comfortable. It doesn’t matter what type of material they’re made of; rugs are just obviously easier to walk around than the tiles or hardwood floors. Placed around the home, they are perfect for whenever you need a place to sit down, work, or play.


Another additional benefit indoor rugs have is that they provide warmth in a literal and more abstract sense. The comfort they provide will make people feel more welcome and make a space warm and inviting. Rugs also have the interesting ability to store heat. This makes them a readily available and affordable option for insulating your home. The thermal resistance will depend on the material that you purchase. Rugs are a great way to conserve energy if you live in an area that experiences colder weather and seasons.

Partial Noise Cancellation

Indoor rugs are placed in big areas like the living room and bedrooms or home libraries. Modern technology like phones, tablets, sound systems, laptops, and televisions add to the sounds around a home. Rugs can help with that. Whenever you need more silent surroundings, place a rug in that room. Carpets, mats, and rugs can absorb sounds. This isn’t just limited to footfalls either. All sorts of distractions and echoes can be muffled by simply purchasing a rug.


Now, there’s the matter of protection. Purchasing beautiful tiles or expensive hardwood is a big leap. Protecting them from any scratches, dents, or scuffling is easy when you find indoor rugs to pair them with. When a tug or mat is placed on top of your gorgeous flooring, they will stay that way without all of the wear and tear that would occur otherwise.

Rugs can also protect homeowners, friends, family, or other visiting guests. Accidents happen. Tripping over your own feet and scraping your knees can be less painful when you land on a rug. Rugs can improve your home’s safety without clashing with the interior décor. The friction of rugs will help prevent slipping and fall accidents that children or clumsier people are prone to.

Searching for “The One”

The hunt for rugs can be long and extensive, especially when you’re looking for one that complements the current furniture and walls of the house. There are companies that make the search short and fulfilling. RUGS&ROLL has a vast selection of rugs for the different rooms in your home. They provide rugs and mats that are varied in size, make, material, and texture. So, you and your home are sure to find something suitable if not perfect.

The Final Verdict

Some things do have it all. Indeed, rugs are a treasure that interior designers cannot let go of. You can transform a room and the entire mood of an area with just a simple rug. There are so many out there; you just need to take some time to find one that fits the bill.


Can rugs be indoor and outdoor?

Yes, there are rugs that are made especially for the outdoors, within the four walls of your home, and both.

How long will rugs and mats last if I take care of them?

With the proper care and regular maintenance and cleaning, rugs can last anywhere from five to fifteen years.

How do I find the right rug?

It will take time to figure out what shape, size, patterns, or designs work well with what you already have inside a room but don’t worry, RUGS&ROLL makes that easier for you.

Are rugs and mats expensive, or are there more budget-friendly options?

RUGS&ROLL makes rugs accessible for everyone without sacrificing their quality, which means that you are sure to find a piece that is within your budget.