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RUGS&ROLL: Reasons Why You Need to Have an Outdoor Door Rug
Rugs are one of the most common decorative materials among households and offices. Having a rug can instantly enhance the atmosphere of a room. People use it to transform an unwelcoming space into a fabulous, lively one. It can also be a good contribution to the color scheme of your area, and it is not difficult to remove or reposition to your liking.
There are many rugs sold in the market that work for different purposes. You have probably heard already that rugs are not only limited to the indoor kind. Some rugs can sustain conditions of an outside environment, and these are the outdoor door rug. These rugs can be placed outside to bring benefits you might not always be consciously aware of. 
The best place to shop for an outdoor rug is at RUGS&ROLL. They provide you high-quality items with tons of designs to choose from, and at a very reasonable price! It is simply the best place to shop when you need to decorate your space. They have it all for you! Here are reasons why you should consider getting an outdoor door rug: 
It helps collect dirt and mud from footwear.  
Outdoor door rugs are primarily used for collecting dirt, debris, mud, and moisture from shoes to keep your floors clean and protected. To avoid any slips, trips, and falls when the feet are wet, the best door rugs for outdoor use come with non-slip bottoms. Even if you have a no-shoe policy at home, door rugs are still highly advisable, especially for households with children. Children tend to enter homes without wiping or stomping the dirt off their feet. This is why door rugs are essential if you don’t want your home littered with dirt. Furthermore, they can help eliminate contaminants in your shoes before they can affect the air inside your house. 
It is highly durable even in humid climates. 
The durability of the furniture is one of the top qualities people look for in an excellent item. Compared to an indoor door rug, an outdoor door rug is not made out of a soft fabric-like material, making it suitable for humid climates. They are made up of tightly-woven recycled plastics like polypropylene, making them environmentally friendly items that are resistant to weather sunny, cloudy, rainy, and the likes. You don’t have to constantly worry about this rug getting wet since it doesn’t absorb moisture. Additionally, it’s easier to justify a purchase if you think you are doing it for the environment, right? Furthermore, these rugs have a combination of intricate patterns. You don’t have to worry about repeatedly replacing them because they are washable, which also helps you save money in the long run. 
It gives a decorative touch. 
Other than ensuring you with cleanliness before entering, an outdoor door rug can give a hint of style to your home. Various designs are available in the market, such as classic “welcome” mats that are designed to offer a warm and pleasant welcome as guests step through your doorstep. As Feng Shui rules say, having the right doormat can also give a positive boost of energy at home whenever a guest crosses it to enter your household. Additionally, it should be big enough to be seen by a person who is about to walk into your home, and its size should also be based on the amount of foot traffic your doorway receives. When rugs are too small, a lot of people might ultimately miss seeing them. These rugs radiate aesthetic appeal and convenience. Bring your outdoor setting to life now! 
It secures your safety. 
Have you ever gotten worried you might slip and fall while walking or running? Well, using an outdoor door rug could decrease the chances of this happening. A door rug’s primary purpose is to prevent your reception area from looking unnecessarily worn, and keep slipping hazards at bay, so your doormats should hold dirt and moisture from outside and prevent injuries. These rugs are advantageous because each piece is resistant even when exposed to direct sunlight, or even rain and snow. Also, these types of rugs will not fade or stain easily.
You can use it anywhere. 
Little do many know that having an outdoor door rug is not limited to outdoor use and its designated purpose. You can use one anywhere you need waterproofing, and because of its non-slip feature, it will withstand much wear and use in areas such as the kitchen, kids’ playroom, pathways, and your laundry area too. You might like to mix and match designs to decorate each unique space accordingly. 
It is stylish.
As trends keep changing in this generation, another way for you to express yourself now can be through your door rugs. From Boho style to gothic, to basic, ordinary, and minimalistic designs, you name it! You have different designs and colors to easily choose from when buying an outdoor door rug to spice up your area! 
Is using polypropylene rugs harmful to human health? 
There is nothing to worry about when using rugs made out of polypropylene as they do not contain any harmful chemicals that might affect human health. 
How do you clean your outdoor door rug? 
You could use a vacuum cleaner to get the specks of dirt caught inside of your rug. It’s best to avoid using soap detergents as this might ruin your rug’s quality. Use baking soda and water instead. 
When should I replace my rug? 
You should swap your outdoor door rug every two years, but you could replace it more frequently if they don’t wear well. 
Are all rugs the same? 
Some rugs can withstand heavy weather conditions, and some rugs are more suitable for indoor placement. 
Is there only one size of a rug? 
Rugs are available in various shapes and sizes. However, the standard form is from 2 x 3 ft for throw rugs and 11 x 14 for area rugs.