Kitchen rugs and mats

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What You Need to Know About Kitchen Rugs and Mats

The thought of buying kitchen rugs and mats is often dismissed because the space is always busy and prone to mess. This is true for the kitchen since a lot of food preparation, midnight snacking, and morning coffee takes place here. However, despite all of these activities, the kitchen is one of the best places to place a rug or mat. The high-foot traffic and potential spills are what rugs are made for. So, here’s what you need to know before heading over to RUGS&ROLL for a rug.

The Recommended Size

The dimensions of your potential new kitchen rugs and mats will depend on the size of your space. You will get the most out of your rug’s functionality when it’s placed in front of the kitchen sink. This is a great thing to keep in mind because it’s actually where homeowners spend most of their time standing.

If you have a small kitchen around 70 square feet or less, opt for a 2″ by 3″ rug. You can also buy a runner that’s 2.5″ by 7″. Smaller spaces can quickly feel cluttered, so it’s best to choose one that compliments your flooring for a minimalistic and clean look.

Medium-sized kitchens are approximately 100 to 200 square feet. The most flattering rug size is about 5″ by 7″. If you want to buy a runner, make sure it is the same size as one for a smaller kitchen, 2.5″ by 7″. Following our previous tip, place it right in front of the rug so the rest of the floor’s space can be shown off.

Larger spaces, over 200 square feet, can actually opt for multiple kitchen rugs and mats. If your interior has an island, you can place a 3″ by 5″ rug between it and the sink. You can buy another one of the same size for the other side or go a little bigger with one that measures 5″ by 7″. Ultimately, it depends on your preference.

Finally, what if your kitchen is longer? For kitchens that are at least 10 feet, stick to a runner. Galley-styled kitchens are usually made of parallel units, which leaves space in the middle perfect for kitchen rugs and mats. More apartment-styled kitchens should go for a runner that’s 2.5″ by 7″.

The Right Shape

Just as kitchens are all sorts of shapes in sizes, the rugs that can be bought for them are too. The shape of kitchen rugs and mats will ultimately make or break the aesthetics of your space. For example, square and rectangular rugs are versatile and can pretty much fit into any room. Crescent-shaped or half-moon shaped rugs are great if you want a small rug right in front of your kitchen sink. This adds extra cushioning whenever the dishes need to be done and acts as an anti-slip measure. Finally, round rugs are perfect for defining spaces. The rugs’ curves can soften the sharper edges and lines that a kitchen and its interior tend to have.

Maintenance Matters

Carpets and rugs in the house can actually help you maintain order. Rugs are a great way to keep all the tracked mud and dirt from the outside in one place. Kitchen rugs and mats are not different. They are also great for catching spilled drinks or food that flies off the countertops.

If you want to invest in more low maintenance rugs, we recommend buying a flat-woven one. Cotton, sisal, jute, and bamboo are practical materials to look out for because they can be hand-washed or machine-washed. For kitchen spaces that are always hustling and bustling with activity, consider a sturdier rug made of wool. It’s naturally water and stain-resistant, making it great for homes bursting with activity.

Noise Reduction

Luncheons and family dinners can be a flurry of activity when cooking for a group of people. As space has people continually moving, noise is inevitable. What if we told you that the chopping of vegetables, clanging of pots and pans, and the scuffling feet can actually be quieted down? Kitchen rugs and mats naturally absorb sound from the air in the space. Despite what material it is made out of, the surface dampens noise, which makes the activity around it a little less loud. If you have a busy kitchen, rugs are here for you.

Choose Comfort

Carpets are obviously less strain on the feet than hardwood or vinyl floors. Adding kitchen rugs and mats can help invite relaxation and comfort to the space. The grip they provide helps add a moment of calm when you’re drinking tea or having a chat in the kitchen. They can be changed up for different occasions to make everyone else match the mood. Also, an additional rug is much more affordable than remodeling. So if you want a more budget-friendly way to add a touch of comfort in a cold, uninviting kitchen, go for a mat.

Purchase You Desired Rug Now!

The most premier kitchen rugs and mats can be found at RUGS&ROLL. Without a doubt. They have an extensive selection that caters to whatever size, shape, color, pattern, design, or texture you have in mind. The materials that their rugs are made of are high-quality but affordable. So whatever budget you have for the kitchen, they will have something suited to your needs.


What are the best materials for my rugs and mats?

Cotton, bamboo, sisal, jute, and wool are the materials to look out for when you’re on the search for a kitchen rug.

How do I know what shape or size to get?

That definitely depends on the kitchen’s dimensions and what aesthetic you are trying to accomplish, but you can refer to the guide above for our suggestions.

Do I need a rug or mat for the kitchen?

Yes, you need one to prevent accidents from happening, floor wear and tear, long and extensive kitchen cleaning, and unnecessary loud noises.