Long kitchen rugs

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6 Reasons Why You Should Get Long Kitchen Rugs

The kitchen is a very significant part of the house as it is where food is prepared and cooked. Due to the recent pandemic, more and more people have had to adjust to staying at home and cooking their own meals, resulting in people spending more time in their kitchen. Thus, upgrading the overall feel of your kitchen is necessary. However, do not fret as there is no need for significant and expensive changes for the upgrade; sometimes, all kitchens need are long kitchen rugs.

While you may generally avoid the idea of placing rugs in your kitchen due to inevitable food spills, incorporating rugs is actually a perfect way to add character, color, and warmth to the room. Kitchen rugs come in different shapes and sizes with different designs. However, it is essential to note that it should feel comfortable and homey when adding this feature to improve the details of your kitchen. Thus, long kitchen rugs are probably the best choice. If you are still unsure if a rug can change the feel of your kitchen, consider all of the benefits of having one listed below:

They are ideal for narrow spaces.

For those living in small spaces, long kitchen rugs can be ideal for filling in small and narrow spaces between kitchen counters and islands. This set-up is mostly seen in small apartments, so if you live in one, this might just be the right rug for you. They can instantly change the kitchen’s look– by either widening or brightening the area and giving it the illusion of having more space.

They add warmth and comfort.

Another benefit of long kitchen rugs is that they provide warmth and comfort through insulation, which is excellent for those living in colder climates. As people age, they get more sensitive to cold floors, so the rugs’ insulation makes it easier for older people. Not only that, but they also give cushioned comfort that makes them easy on the feet even if you spend long hours in the kitchen. They can significantly help when they are strategically placed in areas such as the cooking and washing area where people spend most of their time standing.

They provide safety.

Kitchen rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can also provide safety. This aspect is very simple and is often overlooked. Whether your floor is made up of linoleum, hardwood, or tile, adding a kitchen rug will not only help in providing padding for fallen kitchen objects such as frying pans, bowls, mugs, plates, glasses, and ceramics; this actually lessens the additional chore of picking up pieces of broken glass and prevents the risk of injury. It helps in conquering slippery floors, providing support, and reducing the impact in the event of someone losing their footing. And with long kitchen rugs, you can even have more coverage as it occupies a bigger space than your regular kitchen rugs. In the instance of rugs without non-slip backing, it is also nice to place it above a non-slip rug pad to ensure that it does not slide off.

They can improve the appearance of your kitchen.

The use of long kitchen rugs can actually improve your kitchen’s appearance in more ways than one without adding to your workload. First, they fill narrow spaces between counters and transform them to look bigger. Next, they warm and soften an otherwise cold and hard place. Third, they can instantly create an atmosphere of homeyness, warmth, and comfort with the right design and color.

Moreover, in a minimalist kitchen, incorporating rugs can also be a nice touch of texture. They also add the illusion of spaciousness. Lastly, with a wide variety of designs, patterns, and colors, you can definitely have fun and go crazy with choosing the one that coordinates and unifies your whole kitchen’s aesthetic.

Long kitchen rugs are easy to clean.

The kitchen is a tricky place for textiles as it is prone to stains and food spills. However, this can also become an advantage. Crumbs and food debris that usually get trapped in rugs will just stay there, making it easier to clean because instead of scrubbing the whole floor area, the focus is now shifted solely to cleaning the rug.

They reduce noise.

In kitchen islands with seating, it is also viable to use kitchen rugs to reduce the noise when moving screeching metal seats or furniture and inevitable kitchen mishaps such as falling metal pans and pots while also protecting the floor. These rugs dampen vibrations and reduce the transfer of sound to some extent. Not only that, but they also help with the noise and add value to the whole kitchen.

Where to get the best long kitchen rugs at a fair price?

If you have decided to get your very own kitchen rug, you should check out RUGS&ROLL. They manufacture and create rugs with utmost care to ensure that each rug is made with the highest possible quality. RUGS&ROLL utilizes an efficient and well-organized service that, even with their massive selection of colors, sizes, and patterns, it is easy to find the best rug at a very affordable price.


How to choose the best color and design for kitchen rugs?

Look around the kitchen space to decide the color scheme you want to establish with your kitchen rug. It is best to consider adding a pop of color for aesthetic effects and character in a neutral-colored kitchen.

How do I clean kitchen rugs?

Kitchen rugs can be manually, and machine washed. You can either soak it in liquid detergent for a few hours or for as long as you want, then scrub it or clean it using a washing machine.

What is the best material for long kitchen rugs?

Flatweave kitchen rugs are probably the best option as it is very durable to heavy foot traffic and tends to be easier to clean than the rugs with a higher pile.