Beautiful living room rugs

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The Guide to Beautiful Living Room Rugs

The most beautiful living room rugs can effortlessly tie a room together while simultaneously being their own work of art. It’s why interior designers and homeowners continue to furnish rooms with rugs of all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. The right rug can define a space or act as an anchor for furniture that you’ve had for a long time but never seemed to fit in. Below are tips we have for you to find your rug match.

Practicality and Personality

Long gone are the days when you have to pick from both practicality and personality—manufacturers can deliver both now. Rugs are a less permanent fixture around the house and still manage to have the same benefits a carpet can give you. You can move rugs around different places in your home until you find the perfect spot for them. What’s more, you can even bring them around if you decide to move neighborhoods, states, or countries!

Like all other furniture and decorations, they can reflect your personality, given you choose the right rug. Beautiful living room rugs range from bold to simple and minimalist which can speak volumes about homeowners. Select the right rug depending on the lifestyle you have, but don’t be boring about it! Remember that rugs can add an extra flair to your space, so have fun and choose a design that speaks to you.

Choosing the Right Dimensions

Choosing the right size for your new beautiful living room rugs is critical. The size of a rug is actually one of the most significant deciding factors to look out for. The standard sizes are the following:

Living Room Size Suggested Rug Size
10 by 12 feet 8 by 10 feet
7 by 10 feet 5 by 8 feet
5 by 7 feet 3 by 5 feet

If you have bigger or smaller living rooms, RUGS&ROLL will have sizes more appropriate for your space. Custom sizes don’t necessarily mean that they will cost more either. Moreover, if you want to make your room look like a professional styled it, a pro-tip is to have at least four to eight inches of hardwood or tile flooring from all sides of a rug.

Choosing a size that is far too small for your living room can make the room seem unfinished and awkward. On the other hand, larger rugs can make a room seem too packed and will draw attention away from more unique pieces in your space. Even the most beautiful living room rugs can seem out of place when the dimensions are all wrong, so always be careful regarding their size.

Follow Your Theme

Yes, there are many beautiful living room rugs in the market, but not all will fit your room’s theme. There are ones with animal prints and geometric patterns. Others feature cartoon characters, famous paintings, and more. Colorful and bright rugs are available for those who want loud and bold designs, while there are muted colors for those going for classier themes. Whatever design you choose to get, don’t forget to look at the bigger picture. Sticking to your theme greatly helps make your room look more cohesive, so don’t be tempted by all the fancy rug designs you see!

Material Matters

Beautiful living room rugs come in all sorts of materials too. However, there is no “one material fits all,” and choosing the most suitable rug for your living area will require you to sift through multiple types. Here’s how to make the selection process less daunting for you:

• Jute rugs are popular for high-foot traffic areas, just like your living room. It’s a more natural material that is as durable as it is pretty. The plant fibers are also pretty soft to the touch, perfect for dancing or lounging around your space.

• Another natural and eco-friendly option are rugs made out of seagrass. If you’re all about sustainable living, this type is for you! It is made from a renewable source and boasts some antibacterial properties.

• Leather rugs are created with a mix of wool or cotton. They are tough and durable but also very comfortable to have in a room.

• Cotton, on the other hand, is one of the most budget-friendly materials out there. It’s smooth to the touch and reasonably easy to clean.

• Wool rugs, on the other hand, reign supreme in the comfort department. They are very cozy and can insulate a living room well, perfect for air-conditioned homes and colder areas.

• Hair on hide rugs can also be statement pieces in the house. These rugs have a buttery feel, great for when you’re walking around the house. If you want a luxurious rug, go for this type.

• Finally, there are synthetic rugs. These are some of the most affordable materials on the list and are easier to find in the market. The most common synthetic fibers are artificial silk (rayon), polypropylene, viscose, and nylon.

From RUGS&ROLL to Your Living Room

With all of this information in mind, you’re ready to head over to RUGS&ROLL to find the most beautiful living room rugs they have to offer! Their selections include carefully crafted rugs and mats that aren’t just limited to the house’s living room. Rugs of unique materials, patterns, prints, and hues are available here, perfect for whatever aesthetic you are trying to accomplish. RUGS&ROLL truly delivers the best products and services in the market!


Can I layer beautiful living room rugs, or is it a big no-no?

Contrary to popular belief, it is recommended to layer rugs for the living room to feel cozier.

How do I choose a material for my rug?

Beautiful living room rugs come in different materials, but choosing one you are most comfortable with is the safest way to select a rug material.

What are the best sizes for the living room?

You can refer to the guide written above, or just keep in mind that there should be at least four to eight inches of space from your hardwood floors or tiles to the rug.