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Things to Consider When Styling Rectangular Living Room Rugs


Historically, parlors were known to be much more formal versions of the living rooms we know today. Essentially, parlors were areas made and designed for receiving guests. Proper designing with opulent rugs and matching drapes was significant in society back then since it was considered an immediate reflection of the homeowners. Despite the change in name, modern times still deem living room rugs a staple for lovely interior designing.


There are many ways to style and make use of rectangular living room rugs. However, not everyone is an expert when it comes to interior design. If you’re planning to buy a rectangular rug to spruce up your living room but don’t know where to start, there’s no need to worry. Here are some things to consider when styling rectangular rugs in your living room.


How to Position Living Room Rugs


Rug placement is very important when it comes to styling any room in the house. Now, there are several strategic ways to position rectangular living room rugs. Keep in mind that all of these positions depend on the size of the rug, the amount of floor you have to work with, and the other pieces of furniture in the living room.


  1. Furniture all in


The most common way to position rectangular living room rugs is by placing all the main sitting pieces and the center table on top of the rug. This position helps make the living room feel cozier and more intimate. However, make sure to leave about a foot or two of space as a border around the whole sitting area. This significant border space will avoid making the living room seem too cramped.


  1. The center of attraction


Next, rectangular living room rugs can also be placed in the center of the sitting area—not as a statement rug on its own, but under one or two centerpiece tables. This type of rug positioning works best when there are two pieces of furniture parallel to each other. In other words, position the rug between two sofas or a sofa and a television set. Additionally, when centering a rug, make sure to leave a bit of space between it and the rest of the furniture.


  1. A little on and a little off


This position will require your furniture’s front legs firmly placed on top of the rug while keeping the back legs off it. When it comes to medium or large rectangular living room rugs, this type of rug positioning helps create a more cohesive look that ties the room together. This is especially when your room’s sitting area is a set of three placed in a U-shape formation. However, remember the rule of thumb and place enough space between the bare floor between the area rug and the living room walls. If you don’t have the space to do this, stick to centering the rug instead.


  1. Accents are appreciated


Accent rugs are more common for households with either a lot of living room floor or adjoining rooms. Rectangular living room rugs are the best type of rugs to use when accenting a single piece of furniture. When it comes to positioning an accent rug, place a part of the furniture on top of the rug while keeping the rug at an angle. Remember that when accenting, it is suggested to pick a rug that is about 10% or 15% smaller compared to the piece of furniture it’s accenting. Moreover, make sure that the rug complements or highlights the furniture sitting on top of it.


To Match or Compliment?


Matching and complementing any type of rug is confusing for most people. There are several ways to go about matching and complimenting rugs. Luckily, rectangular living room rugs are among the most common rug shapes on the market, so you won’t face too much of a dilemma in this department. If your main piece of furniture is patterned or has an elaborate design, aim for a solid-colored rug that compliments the primary furniture and matches accent pieces in the room, like a figurine. On the other hand, if your primary furniture is a solid color, try searching for a patterned area rug to compliment it. To compliment a solid color, match the patterned rug’s secondary color to the sofa’s color. Additionally, if the patterned rug has a third color, match it to the accents of the room, like the wall color of the pillows on the sofa.


Which Size to Buy


Size is another vital factor to consider when styling rectangular living room rugs. In case you’re not familiar with rug sizes, the table below enumerates the most common dimensions for rectangular rugs.


Size of Rugs Common Rectangular Rug Dimensions (in feet)
Small Rugs 3 x 5 5 x 8
Medium Sized Rugs 8 x 10 9 x 12
Large Rugs 12 x 15


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Which materials are best for living room rugs?


There are several excellent materials for living room rugs, but the most notable ones are polyester, wool, polypropylene, cotton, and hemp.


How do I clean my living room rugs?


Not all rugs are made out of washable materials, so if you’re not sure of your rug’s material, stick to vacuuming both sides to keep it clean.


How can I make sure my rugs match my living room?


The easiest way to ensure that your rug matches your room’s atmosphere is by identifying what theme you are going for and sticking with it.