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Tips for Rugs Living Room Ideas
It’s not easy to decorate a home—especially one of the areas that might be difficult to find the best design, including the living room. There could be many ideas and inspirations out there that you might want to try, but you can only try one, at least for a time. Because there are a lot of possibilities waiting for you, you might be confused as to what type of design to go for.
For example, what kind of rugs living room ideas suggest so that the floor of the living room doesn’t look too empty and naked. Besides, it would be far more comfortable to have something underneath your feet, besides the hardwood floor, of course. Plus, rugs provide warmth and can be really snug, especially during cold seasons. However, the question is, what type of design to go for?
To help you with your quest, here are some rugs living room ideas to guide you.
Rugs living room ideas #1: Go for a coastal look.
Who doesn’t love the beach? Everyone goes crazy for a little time on the sand while overlooking the sea. The experience of living near the beach with that dreamy and calm ambiance is something everyone wants. You can have your own at home too! You can opt for a coastal look with a blue rug in the same color as that of the ocean or any hues in the blue spectrum that will remind you of the sea. 
Getting something that is made of natural materials like seagrass or jute might also help in that aspect. There’s nothing like feeling the soft natural comfort underneath your soles in your living room. You can also decorate your rug with little fishes on them so it would complete the whole ensemble.
Rugs living room ideas #2: Try something boho.
A boho rug never goes out in style. In fact, it speaks for your tastes, especially in simplicity and elegance. Boho-themed rugs look wonderful with all types of furniture and will look great with any decoration that you find calming and soothing. They also give a different kind of comfort, which can be rarely found in other designs. If you are curious as to what we mean, try it out in your living room!
Rugs living room ideas #3: Go for vibrant colors.
Vibrant colors brighten the room and therefore make the room livelier than ever. The colors will significantly shed some light on the furniture and other decorations, making them stand out and more noticeable among other accessories. This way, your living room is given more attention and will attract guests and even family members. It is great to have people gather in one spot, right? It makes the house look even more inviting and homey. 
Try colors such as pink or yellow. Make sure, however, that they don’t clash with other decorations. They might look awkward and unfashionable if the colors do not complement each other. Pay attention to aesthetics. 
Rugs living room ideas #4: Try out the mid-century modern decorating style.
Going with the trend doesn’t hurt. In this case, a significant trend to go by is mid-century modern decorating. It focuses more on the furniture, so the rugs should complement it well to match the style of the rest of the room. The designs of this style are often clean and patterned, so the rug should be in the same spectrum as well. Try placing a rug that has bold patterns on them. One example of that is a Persian rug. 
Persian rugs never go out of style. No matter what era it is, it will always fit the kind of design you are in for. 
Rugs living room ideas #5: Experiment with something tropical.
Tropical rugs are creative and colorful. They are great to the eye as they are aesthetically pleasing, plus they are suitable for the theme as well. They look traditional and will match the kind of style you are going for in the living room if you are someone who likes the air of a tropical season and art. A bold area rug fits well with tropical art as well.
Rugs living room ideas #6: Natural rugs for a minimalist style.
If you want to opt for something minimalist, nothing can go wrong with getting natural rugs. They are simple and do not go over the top with designs such as patterns or drawings. They just charm the whole room with how they are. That’s just the flair of natural rugs. The kind of attractive comfort they bring springs from how simple and uncaring they seem, plus they look great with simple furniture. If you don’t want a fuss and would like to have a room that is just peaceful, quiet, and calming, a natural rug is for you.
Rugs living room ideas #7: Be you.
Get something that matches your personality and express yourself!
RUGS&ROLL have rugs living room ideas often suggest, and more!
If you want to be inspired by what to place next on your living room floor, simply browse through the different designs and colors available at the store! You can find a lot of variety of materials that suit your style, and more. Moreover, you can get them for the best price, with affordable deals. 
What size should my rug be?
It depends on how much of the furniture you want it to go under; don’t get something that is too large nor too small either.
Can natural fiber rugs be cleaned?
Major dirt or spills cannot be cleaned when it comes to natural fiber materials, so you have to replace them.
Where should I put my rug in the living room?
It would be best if you always placed it in the center as a focal point of the design.
Are living room rugs expensive?
It generally depends on the kind of material it is made of; wool and faux fur might be a lot more expensive than synthetic ones.