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Everything You Need to Know About Rustic Living Room Rugs

Living rooms are one of the most important rooms in a household since it’s also one of the most used rooms. Its interior design and appearance are the key factors in providing a warm and homey feel. However, spending big money to have your entire living room redone isn’t exactly ideal. Thankfully, there are cheaper and more convenient ways to provide a comfortable and homey feel to your living room. As an example, adding rustic living room rugs to your sitting area can do the trick.

Nowadays, rustic, simple, and rural fashioned themes are getting more popular in the interior design world. The rustic style incorporates natural and rugged beauty on all types of decor. Full of earthy tones, nature-inspired textures, and even organic material, rustic living room rugs help create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

Four Simple Ways to Style Rustic Rugs

1. Use Nature to Accessorize

Since rustic living room rugs are designed to be more earth-toned, the best way to accessorize is with a bit of greenery. A strategically placed cactus, snake plant, or any other indoor plant complements the rug’s down to earth feel. However, avoid brightly colored flowering houseplants if they seem to take the attention away from the rest of the room. This is to maintain the visual balance of colors throughout the entire living room.

2. Use the Pillows to Your Advantage

A great way to help your rustic living room rugs blend in is by making use of the pillows in your sitting area. The best way to do this is by matching the secondary color on your rustic rug to your pillows’ color. If you happen to have a mix of small and large pillows, you can try matching the bigger pillows to the secondary rug color. You can then either use similar shades or match the rest of the cushions to the primary rug color.

3. Complement the Couch to Blend in

Complementing the couch or any other primary furniture is a rule of thumb that’s applicable not only for rustic rugs, but all types of rugs. Since most rustic rugs are patterned or have some undertones, match the primary color to your couch. If your rug happens to be designed with complicated patterns, pairing it with a solid-colored primary piece of furniture can do wonders.

4. Make Your Rug Stand Out

This isn’t a common styling choice, but there are those who prefer to make their rustic living room rugs into statement rugs. This is trickier to do than with other types of rugs because rustic rugs are known to have muted shades and tones. First, pick out modern rustic rugs. Modern rustic rugs tend to have darker shades and even a lot of color to them compared to traditional rustic rugs. Next, make sure that none of your other decors outshine the rug. This can be done by choosing muted and lighter shades of color to complement the rug instead of matching its exact colors.

Why You Should Buy Rustic Rugs for Your Living Room

Rustic rugs may not be for everyone, but they can add a lot to a room without being too much. If you’re not sure if investing in rustic living room rugs is worth it, here are three reasons that’ll change your mind:

1. It brings the whole room together

Rustic living room rugs usually have a perfect balance of texture, pattern, and color that helps provide a finished look to the aesthetic of the room. The earthy tones of rustic rugs also have a grounding effect, which visually anchors the rest of the furniture in the room. Additionally, they look amazing on hard surfaced floors, especially wooden flooring or tiles.

2. It makes the room cozier and inviting

Next, rustic rugs can make living rooms cozier and warm. Since the tones of rustic living room rugs are very earthy, they can bring waves of relaxation similar to nature. Not only this, but since most rustic rugs are made with thicker materials, they provide proper insulation and warmth to the room. Overall, it provides an inviting and relaxing ambiance to your living room.

3. They’re as good as any other rug

Finally, rustic rugs aren’t only made to improve the look of your living room. They also have practical functions like every other type of rug. They are excellent noise reducers since they come with padding underneath and are made of soft materials that absorb sound well. Next, rugs can help with common allergies. Contrary to popular belief, rugs actually help with allergies and don’t worsen them. Their material and design can trap and sometimes absorb allergens that float around the room. Furthermore, rugs are perfect for people with pollen-related allergies and reduce common allergy nuisances like runny noses, sneezing, and wheezing.

Where to Buy the Best Rustic Rugs

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How do I clean my living room rugs?

Since not all rugs are made out of washable materials, vacuuming both sides of your rug is the safest way to clean it while preserving its color and quality.

Where’s the best place to put a living room rug?

Rug placement depends on several other components, but most living room rugs are usually situated at the center of the sitting area.

Which rug materials are cozy and easy to clean?

Out of the handful of different rug materials, wool, cotton, and polypropylene rugs are known to be soft and easy to clean.