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Questions to Ask Before Investing in Modern Office Rugs
Professional workplaces rarely look inviting, especially for those who work in the office for long hours. If you want to remedy this without spending a lot of money on a full-blown room makeover, you can opt for modern office rugs. Investing in rugs is a good way of upgrading the look of a particular space with minimal effort.
However, narrowing down rug choices does take time and research. If you need help in selecting a rug for your workspace, listed below are the questions to answer before finally settling down on your purchase of modern office rugs.
Who uses the office space?
Some offices are just for employees, while others host meetings with varied guests. How will the room’s space be used? Bigger offices that house multiple desks and chairs can opt for a bigger rug that will house all of the office cubicles. Modern office rugs can be bought in longer and wider dimensions to fit an entire floor. If the office spaces are more spaced out, different rugs can separate different divisions in a company. 
More public and shared spaces can have rugs placed under furniture. Defining welcoming areas for guests makes them easy to find while setting them apart from other offices. Adding them under coffee tables in the break room can help staff members feel more relax, recharge, and get back to work energized. 
What is the overall theme of the room?
Another great question to ask is, “What are you trying to accomplish?” Carpets and rugs can help guests relax in the lobby while waiting for appointments. Furthermore, they can also add to the professional atmosphere and encourage productivity. 
Rugs in places where the general public go in and out of should be complementary to the room. They shouldn’t be completely invisible that the passing population will be prone to tripping. The tugs should not stand out too much either. Other common rooms like offices for welcoming clients or business partners will also benefit from the right modern office rugs. The perfect rug compliments the room and will make you and your company look more put together. 
What style should I look for?
Various interior designers compare rugs to works of arts and the floors as galleries. Minimalist rugs are all the rage for more serious companies. On the other hand, vibrant hues are popular for pops of color in more neutral interiors. Carpets or rugs can also be put out in hallways for more pleasant trips from room to room.
The style of a rug will depend on the overall interior design. Modern office rugs can either draw attention to themselves or elevate the furniture that they are under. Staff can get more work done with rugs placed around a space. This is because of the acoustic control that they have. With noise reduction properties, there is less noise traffic and distractions to disturb workflow. Non-distracting designs and colors can also help company employees get even more work done.
What dimensions do you need?
The wrong size can completely sabotage a room. Dimension guides can help sort that out for you. The most popular ratios depend on the shape of the rug. The following table is just a guide in case you need help regarding your rug’s measurements.

Square Rugs

Rectangle Rugs

Round Rugs

4 inches by 4 inches

8 inches by 10 inches

4 inches in diameter

6 inches by 6 inches

9 inches by 12 inches

4 inches in diameter

8inches by 8 inches

12 inches by 14 inches

4 inches in diameter

If the furniture is pressed up against the wall, the goal is to have the two front legs of all pieces on the rugs. If a waiting area is smaller, choose a smaller rug to place in the middle of all of the furniture. This will help define the smaller space. Finally, hallway rugs should be placed smack down in the center. Any accenting pieces like mirrors, desks, or other small seating arrangements should be on the bare floor. This emphasizes the rug and makes the hallways seem slightly bigger and more elegant.
How else can I protect my office floors?
Rugs are easily the most efficient and affordable way to protect floors and those running around a building. With high foot traffic, hard bare floors are prone to wear and tear. There’s also the issue of stuff marks and dirt from the outdoors. Investing in more modern office rugs means that floors don’t need replacing every quarter and it also means that guests and employees are a lot safer. 
Another step to ensure protection is rug pads. They have been in the market for a long time and are highly recommended. They are placed in between the floor and rug to prevent the rug from moving. The rug won’t slip and also give thinner material rugs more volume. This makes them even more pleasant to work on so that they don’t add extra strain to people who have been on their feet the whole day. With rugs staying put, staff won’t have to worry about tripping and slipping every time they encounter a rug.
Where is the best place to find modern office rugs?
Rugs of different sizes, patterns, textures, and colors can be found at RUGS&ROLL. They have high-quality options that are meant to be in offices. If you want your office to stand out, make clients and visitors feel more comfortable, and help motivate co-workers and partners, head over to RUGS&ROLL to get your office set up for success.
What is the best material for modern office rugs?
The most durable and easy to maintain are polypropylene rugs.
What are the kinds of office rugs that should be avoided at all costs?
Wool rugs or any lighter colored ones are harder to clean, not as sustainable, and are prone to shedding.
What is the best way to maintain rugs?
Investing in rug mats will reduce wear and tear but regular cleaning should also be implemented to check on rug health.