Office chair rugs

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Decorate Your Office with Office Chair Rugs
For your office, only the best accessories should be employed. This is because the workspace often has a lot of bustling and stress, so unnecessary discomfort may disturb your work concentration. Hence, utmost comfort should be ensured. 
One of the most essential parts of the office is the chair. You spend most of the time in the room seated on that chair while working on some tasks, which is why it should be comfortable enough for you to work undisturbed. Given this, the chair should also be comfortable for you to sit on for long hours. To help you feel more relaxed on your seat, rugs are among the trendy workplace accessories you can purchase nowadays. 
Rugs have proven themselves quite useful and attractive in their own way. Not only does it ensure function, but it also adds up to the aesthetic of the whole room. Imagine walking into your office and seeing the most comfortable rug. It’s easy on the eyes and the wheels of the chair as well, as they do not squeak and make fewer noises when they make contact with the rug, as compared to the bare floor. Given this, office chair rugs might be a necessity. 
Here are a few reasons why:

It shields the floor from any impending damage.

As you know, you slide in and out of the chair almost frequently. Your chair also moves while you move, hence scraping the floor too many times. Office chair rugs help protect the floor from tears and scruffs that the rolling casters might cause. As employees, we only want the best for our workspace, and this includes the floor. It can be quite troublesome as a bare floor that is scratched might be too disturbing for perfectionists.
You might also get scolded for a significant scratch on the floor, especially if your boss or superior is quite sensitive to damages in the office.

Office chair rugs increase productivity.

Because rugs feel a lot comfortable against office chairs, you may feel a burst of energy as a result. Furthermore, it improves the mobility of the chair as it slides in and out of the rug. A bare floor might not give you the same type of mobility that a comfortable rug can provide. Hence, with the new-found mobility at your disposal, you are given energy and encouragement to do your tasks every day without being told off by your boss. 
In this sense, office chair rugs prove themselves useful for employees not just in the level of comfort but also for work inspiration. 

They save money.

Office chairs, again, can cause damage to the floor with their repeated movements that can scratch the floor every day as you move from corner to corner. With the collective damages not just from one person but from all the other employees around, the company might be forced to install new floorings to change the damaged ones. This is especially if the damages are already too detrimental for the people around.
With office chair rugs, companies and employees alike can save the trouble and expenses of repairs and installing a new floor. Just like the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure.
If you are thinking of getting yourself a chair rug, here are some ideas for your office:

Get something that is low-pile.

Flatweave and low-pile office chair rugs is a great partner for your workspace. It does not snag and does not get caught whenever it goes in contact with the chair.

Rugs for indoor or outdoor areas.

Much like front door area rugs, having rugs made for indoor and outdoor purposes can be great for your office. They readily absorb dirt and water and can even hide it to avoid a mess. Don’t mind the dirt on your shoes; mind your work. 

Get something that is durable.

One of the most durable office chair rugs is those that are made of jute. Aside from its durability, it is also effortless to clean, hence allowing you to save yourself from the trouble of scrubbing and whatnot. Make sure, however, to get something that is tight-woven when it comes to jute rugs to ensure that the chair can slide across it without getting snagged.

Consider the type of floor that you have.

The floor type is one of the few things that should be looked at when looking to buy yourself a rug. Some rugs are made for various kinds of floors and materials that go well with them. When you choose office chair rugs, make sure they suit the floor well.

Look at the shape and size.

The shape of the rug should match well the shape of the office chair itself. Otherwise, it would look quite unfitting and awkward with each other. Given that, the size also matters. It should be able to cover the area where your chair will be moving and sliding in and out to.
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Is it okay to get a rug that is made of plastic?
A plastic mat may be good, but it is not as satisfactory as getting yourself a good rug with great material.
Are rugs better than carpet?
It is infinitely better to get a rug than a carpet since office chairs slide perfectly well on their surface compared to carpets.
Can rugs reduce noise?
Rugs significantly reduce noise within the area so you can work in peace and concentrate better.
What color suits well with office chairs?
Darker colors are always great, but if you want something stylish, make sure it also matches well with the chair’s color; otherwise, it would clash with each other.