Office rugs for rolling chairs

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Thanks to today’s modern age, home offices are getting more popular. Even for those who don’t work from home, investing in office rugs is a good idea. Are you having trouble finding a suitable rug? Looking for something specific like office rugs for rolling chairs? This article intends to help you make the right decision when choosing your next rug purchase.
A rug brings the place together and helps create a more comfortable atmosphere in the office area. Even if you have carpeting, you can go ahead and add a rug into the mix! Not only will it help liven up the place, but it will also protect your carpets from wear and tear. Since rolling chairs can damage your flooring, consider getting office rugs for rolling chairs. Need a little help? Below are some of the things to keep in mind when selecting your office rug.
How to pick the perfect rug for your office
When designing the room with office rugs, you have to consider where you would like to put it first. You must also measure the room size or area as most office rugs for rolling chairs tend to be sold in smaller sizes. While these rugs are typically sized enough to fit desk areas, some are also large for regular use. Keep in mind when measuring that the rug must be larger than your rolling chair to move from one place to another.
Next, pick the design most appropriate for you. Choose the color that best suits your office space and helps with the overall productivity of your work. For example, solid and clear colors are sold for a lower price, while clear mats provide more flexibility in design.  Don’t forget for the rug to complement the whole office look, so you will have to pick a style mainly based on your flooring.
Best types of office rugs for office chairs
There are three best office rugs for office chairs: flatweave/low-pile, indoor/outdoor, or jute. These three are the recommended rugs to be used for your office. Below is the explanation of the three:
First, an office rug made out of flatweave or low-pile. Low-pile rugs have a tight construction of loops and are made of shorter fibers. For offices, rugs that have a shorter thread count are recommended. This type of material is commonly used as it is less likely to have an issue, like getting snagged or caught by the office chair’s wheels.
Second, office rugs that are created for indoor or outdoor uses. This type of rug is the perfect rug for a high traffic area, such as the pressure of the wheels of office chairs. Additionally, it can withstand dust, dirt, and spills, so it is easy to clean. These types tend to have a smooth surface; that is why it’s easy for the wheels to glide from one place to another.
Last but not least, jute rugs. Jute is made of fibers as well, but this comes from a plant found in Asia. The jute plant is known for its durability; that is why it’s used for ropes and rugs of different shapes and sizes. It is similar to indoor/outdoor rugs, although it is comparatively easier to clean. When choosing this type of rug, you will need to choose one that has a tight weave because this will make the chair move quickly.
Rugs to avoid
Since rolling chairs cause a lot of traffic on the floor, not all rug materials will withstand the wear and tear and should be avoided. There are three types of materials of rugs that need to be ignored:
First, a high-pile kind of rug. The fibers of this type of rug are longer and looser, and it is also softer and fluffier- that is why it is not the right combination with offices. As mentioned beforehand, rolling chairs have a lot of pressure; and you wouldn’t want to own a rug that’s hard to move in. High-pile rugs are in a constant battle with rolling chairs since it is a thick material.
Second, a sheepskin rug. It is another thick material; despite being so fluffy and inviting, it is not the best option for office rugs for rolling chairs. This type of rug is best used for bedrooms, rather than for an office where you spend most of your time being a professional. You can opt for a much thinner rug, but just as comfortable.
Last but not least, a tufted rug. Tufted rugs are those without knots; even though they are aesthetically pleasing, this type of rug can be easily damaged. With traffic from rolling chairs, you wouldn’t want to have a raised woven pattern since this causes severe frustration when it gets stuck with the rolling chair’s wheels.
Where can you find the best office rugs for rolling chairs?
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What is the best material for office rugs for rolling chairs?
As mentioned beforehand, there is a wide array of materials to choose from, but you must ensure that you are buying office rugs for rolling chairs with a short fiber when purchasing a product.
What are the kinds of office rugs for rolling chairs I must avoid?
It is best to stay away from rugs that have a high fiber and has a looser consistency. 
How do I find the best office rugs for rolling chairs?
It is best to measure and research first before buying as this type of rugs really does help your office’s overall feel.