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5 Steps to Choosing the Best Office Runner Rugs

An office holds meetings and serves as the working space. That is why having a good ambiance is vital in setting up the mood. Whether it is an industrial office or a home office, always make sure that the room is clean and comfortable. There are many ways to set up a beautiful office, but interior design should always be a priority. Aside from desks and chairs, buying a rug for your office can surely make a difference.

However, choosing the best type of runner rugs for your room or office can be stressful and confusing. With lots of different colors and patterns to choose from, it would be hard to organize the office. While runner rugs usually add a balanced and dramatic effect to the room, choosing the wrong one can hugely affect the interior. Instead of having a cozy and homey office, it might only lead to a big disappointment. It might even cost more to do a renovation.

Nowadays, there are many colors and styles of runner rugs that you can choose from. This could make it more difficult to decide which one to buy. Hence, here are some tips on how to choose the best fit for your office:

Choose the Size According to Your Room

Checking the room area should be the first thing to consider in buying rugs for your office. The general rule is to buy a rug that is about one or two feet smaller than the wall, but it will always be up to you if you want to cover a wider area. Small offices and workplaces often opt for an office runner rug that only covers their desk and chairs but stretches to the cabinets. Remember, larger rugs help diminish noise and sound but always allow space for door opening.

Choose A Low Pile Type Office Rug

The low pile type of office runner rugs is easier to clean compared to thick and heavy piled ones. Vacuuming this type of office runner rug once a week is enough to keep it in good condition. The low pile type also allows easy chair movement. It is also a better choice for heavy equipment such as tables and filing cabinets. It also does a better job in preventing footfall, compared to high pile types.

Choose The Best Material

Hand-knotted will always be the best choice when it comes to an office runner rug. Materials used may vary from silk, wool, nylon, and polyester. Among these options, what would be the best material? Here is a comparison of hand-knotted materials:

•Wool – Office runner rugs made from wool are the best choice in terms of durability. These rugs also offer a warmer appearance and can withstand repetitive chair movements compared to silk ones. Footfall is usually a drawback in having rug runners. Other types of office rugs cannot stand footfall, but wool is capable of withstanding it.

•Nylon – This option can also be great when it comes to rugs. These kinds of rugs are also known for their durability and elasticity. The soft texture gives a luxurious effect, making the room comfy and cozy.

•Silk – Having a silky soft office runner rug can give your room an elegant appearance, but it is not a good option when it comes to durability and longevity. Unlike other materials, silk is prone to wear and tear. Thus, a silk rug would need extra care and attention.

•Polyester – Just like nylon and wool, polyester material can stand weight and pressure over time. Unlike silk materials, it is a low-maintenance type and does not require any cleaning accessories to wash. One known advantage of polyester rug runners is the ability to maintain a good shape over the years.

•Jute – This material also offers durability. Its bronzed color provides a warm appearance in the room and can easily blend into any furniture. Jute is also a choice for pet lovers because of its pet-friendly material. If playing with your pet while working can make you productive, get that fur baby to sit beside you. There is nothing to worry about if you have a jute office runner rug.

Choose the Hand-Knotted or Hand-Tufted Type

A hand-knotted office rug will always be the best type compared to machine-made or hand-loomed rugs. Hand-knotted types of office runner rugs can withstand time and pressure, showing only small signs of damage even if used for decades. While the hand-knotted type of rugs offers a lot of benefits, their high price can make you think twice. If on a budget, choose hand-tufted rugs as an alternative. The price is cheaper but the rug is still able to offer resilience and durability.

Choose the One That Suits Your Personality

The overall appearance of a home or an office is usually a reflection of a person’s character. That is why choosing the best office runner rugs that match your interior and personality is the best way to express yourself. Since runner rugs can greatly affect room settings, always choose one that provides comfort and helps set an imperative mood. Some people choose bolder patterns of office rugs to make them feel energized, and others prefer a soft-looking design to relax their minds and help them focus on their tasks.

How To Clean Office Runner Rugs?

Cleaning office runner rugs shouldn’t be a problem at all. Depending on its material, a vacuum, spot cleaner, or professional cleaning service can help keep a clean and fresh office runner rug.

It is essential to keep these rugs clean in order to prevent dust and lint from accumulating, for this may cause health issues.

Always Choose RUGS&ROLL

There are many types of office runner rugs in the market, but the ones you get from RUGS&ROLL will surely add a homey touch to your office. RUGS&ROLL offers a variety of rugs with different colors, designs, and patterns. Whether you need an oriental, ancient, or contemporary touch to accentuate the interior, an office runner rug from RUGS&ROLL would be a great choice.


What is the best type of office rug?

As mentioned above, the wisest decision would be to opt for a hand-knotted type of office rug; however, if you have a budget constraint, a hand-loomed rug would be a good alternative.

What is the best material for rug runners?

Nylon, polyester, and jute rug runners are the best materials because they all offer durability and longevity.

Where to buy the best office runner rugs?

When it comes to all types of rug runners, RUGS&ROLLS is the best place to shop.

How to clean rug runners?

You can clean your rug runners by using a vacuum, spot cleaner, or professional cleaning service.