Round office rugs

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How to Make the Most Out of Round Office Rugs
Venturing into an unknown interior design territory can be daunting whether it concerns a new bookshelf or a tiny sculpture in the office. Public use of shared spaces means that the environment concerns quite a few people. It’s true that most homes and professional interiors make use of the rectangular rug. We don’t blame you; it has its charms and rarely looks out of place. However, what about the times that it does look out of place?

Round office rugs are often overlooked for the transformative wonders that they definitely possess. They are unique pieces that can work well in different office themes and rooms. It’s true that they are not as popular as rugs with straight lines and edges. You just need to know how to style them and where they will work best in the workplace. Here are some tips, tricks, and benefits to help you get comfortable with getting a round rug.
Architectural Highlighter
Humans are naturally drawn to patterns. When there aren’t any, the human brain is wired and quite stubborn and creates one. That’s why art and architecture are such greatly appreciated fields. More obvious patterns, as well as underlying ones, are attractive to us. If your company’s building structure has curves instead of hard lines and edges, round office rugs can highlight that. Curvature in the building’s design is already a striking element, why not put it in the spotlight?
Round All Around
There may already be pieces of furniture that are circular and completely out of place. Round office rugs should definitely be added to the cart if you’re looking into more curved interior statements. Rounder rugs can actually bring all of the individual decors together, which creates harmony within an office space. This way, a rounder rug can anchor both arches in the ceiling and the curves of a table, even though there is quite a bit of space between them.
In the Zone
For open spaces, round office rugs can define different spaces. It can dress up a certain sofa or side table by highlighting the floor underneath it. For bigger ones, placing the surrounding furniture right on top of the round rug will instantly make that area the focal point. This is great for seating areas because you want clients and other visitors to know where they are welcome to stay. Dressing up an area in the office this way is also an intimate but strong and memorable interior move.
Depth and Character
Choosing round office rugs in any area of the building will actually create a more luxurious feel. The textures paired with such a unique rug shape works well to create depth. They are great for layering if you already have rugs of other shapes and sizes in a room. Mixing and matching patterns, textures and shapes can positively impact the visual aspect of any office space. Rounder rugs also work well alone on the hardwood or tiled floors. They can elevate pieces that already occupy a co-working space but are individual stars on their own.
Small Rugs that Encourage Big Change
For smaller spaces or areas around the building, placing round office rugs within them can open up the room. The circular shape of these rugs naturally creates pools of space in a closer setting. If you have various hard lines from tables, walls, windows, and sofas, round rugs can help soften those edges. The contrast will cause eyes to peruse in a fluid motion which can help visitors or staff feel like they’re not boxed in.
Placement and Design Tricks
One of the best ways to let round office rugs do more for you is to keep these things in mind:

● For bigger open spaces, invest in a rug that is at least six feet in diameter to define the area.

● The rug can highlight surrounding furniture better by letting most of it sit half-way or three-fourths along its perimeter.

● You don’t need it all. Choose only the cream of the crop to place upon the circular rug because you do not want to crowd the space.

● Break areas could use round rugs that are big enough so that chairs don’t trip it up. Make sure there’s enough space for seating in order to move freely!

● Areas with tables should make use of one that is around thirty inches bigger than it.

● Play with shapes! If you have square tables, round office rugs can work with that.

● Keep round rugs away from the walls. Remember: they highlight spaces, you don’t really want to put a spotlight on empty areas near empty walls.

● Entryways could always benefit from rounder rugs; they are welcoming!

● Don’t be afraid to use them to layer. For existing rugs around an office, layering a rounder one over a carpet or a different accent rug can make it more interesting.

● Round rooms can harmonize with round rugs. The curves in a workplace won’t be overwhelming if they are paired with a rug similar in structure.
Round Rug Galore
So, now we just need to discuss where exactly to find the perfect round rug for the conference rooms, waiting areas, board rooms, and other office spaces. RUGS&ROLL makes shopping for round office rugs effortless. There are high-quality rugs and mats that come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and materials. Make sure to coordinate or complement the round pieces from RUGS&ROLL with existing office furniture and interiors.

What if the office is already round? Wouldn’t a circular rug be too much?

No, the circular shapes actually benefit each other by working together no matter how far apart they are in an office space.

Can round rugs work in big and small areas in the workplace?

Rounder rugs work well in both settings by either making a smaller space look bigger or drawing attention to a particular area in a bigger room.

Where can our office purchase the best round rugs for our spaces?

RUGS&ROLL is the place to shop since they offer such a vast variety of round rugs that differ in dimension, hue, textile, and pattern.