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Interior Design Spotlight: Small Office Rugs
Office spaces are always bustling with activity. This is an environment that demands productivity. Amidst the everyday hustle, did you know that adding carpets is a subtle way to contribute to the workplace? Small office rugs can make a big difference when they are purchased for your company’s spaces. Here’s the rundown on how rugs can enhance an office space.
Adds to Appearance
Carpets and rugs are actually the preferred flooring in hallways, the reception area, conference rooms, break rooms and boardrooms. They add an element of luxury and elegance which can add to the professional culture of the workplace. Upon entering areas with small office rugs, clients and coworkers will be able to sense what kind of company you are running.

Incorporating rugs in a working environment is versatile and more affordable than constantly remodeling spaces. It is adaptable to offices that upgrade every so often. Rugs can be purchased to match with the office’s current furniture. They may also do the opposite and stand out as a statement piece. Of course, this depends on the type of interior that the structure has.

Also, keep in mind what kind of message your corporation is trying to send to its workforce and potential partners or clients. Are you a smaller company in the business of making a more meaningful and close partnership? Are you a more serious establishment with strict standards? Is the office a quirky and creative place to be? As your company progresses and grows, rugs can change with the times.
A Plus to Collective Health
For physical well-being for so many people, one of the best ways to ensure that is by investing in carpeting or rugs. Even small office rugs can reap the health benefits of their bigger counterparts. Rugs are like collectors. They trap air pollutants, toxins, dust, and other allergens in their fibers. This definitely dismisses the old belief that rugs are the enemy of allergy-prone people.

Rugs can also positively impact mental health. The soft, luscious feeling that employees feel under their shoes actually reduces stress. The sound absorption that rugs provide also contributes to stress reduction. When an office has minimal noise pollution, from within the space or from the environment outside, there is collective productivity. Without distractions, work can be done more efficiently and with peace of mind.
Ensured Insulation
Being energy-efficient is cost-effective and just a good idea for companies and their building structures. The workspace has to have the right temperatures all year round to ensure comfort for employees and visitors. Richer rugs don’t only add elegance; they also provide warmth. The thing to keep in mind, even for small office rugs, is stitch count. The density and potential warmth will depend on it. Even though a rug is thicker, if the stitch count is lower, then it does not insulate an area as well.
High-Traffic Areas
For places with people always around the space, it is important to purchase small office rugs that will last a long time. Having rugs made out of a material that is resistant to fading but also low-maintenance should be some characteristics to look out for. Minimize wearing out and replacing rugs with the following materials:

Wool fibers are naturally stain-resistant material. Rugs made out of wool don’t soil easily and are very comfortable to walk across. The fibers tend to flatten but are easily restored to their natural fluff with regular vacuuming. Since these rugs are made of recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable material, they may be more costly than synthetic rugs. However, it is worth the investment, since wool rugs are also fire retardant but also great insulators.

Nylon rugs, on the other hand, are not as soft as wool ones but have fibers that tend to maintain their shape and form. This means that they are great for placing under heavier furniture pieces around the building. Nylon rugs are resistant to fade and stain, which makes them very easy to maintain. They can come in nylon rug tiles instead of small office rugs. This makes it even less of a hassle to clean or replace them.

Olefin rugs are the synthetic sibling of wool ones. Also known as polypropylene, this material mimics the feel of wool but has low-density fibers. These rugs cost less than higher-quality rugs but they are resistant to age, sunlight, and mildew. They are very light-weight and they dry quickly, which only adds to how effortless they are to clean.

Another renewable material for small office rugs is bamboo. This biodegradable choice may lack the warmth and plush feel that others can offer; however, this choice can last for years. There are a lot of different colors that are perfect for hiding dirt and other stains in high foot traffic areas. Maintenance is fairly simple as long as your company uses a mop or vacuum.
Best of the Best
Now that all of those factors have been settled, where exactly can you go for all of your small office rugs? Well, RUGS&ROLL offers a premier selection of rugs and mats that can add value to your company. There are an array of materials, sizes, styles, textures, and designs that are suitable for the different areas in an office space. These rugs can protect the hardwood floors or tiling while contributing to a structure’s well-being. Contact a RUGS&ROLL representative to help you choose the best possible rugs for your employees, co-workers, and clients.

What are the top materials to look for in small office rugs?

Wool, nylon, olefin, and bamboo are the cream of the crop when it comes to rugs and mats for office spaces.

Are rugs really suitable for people with allergies in the office?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, rugs can actually alleviate the dispersion of allergens by capturing them in their fibers while waiting for a vacuum to sweep them away for good.

Can rugs for the company add to its value?

Absolutely, rugs can increase productivity adding to team morale but also enhance the workspace’s aesthetics and appeal to both clients and co-workers.