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Upgrade Your Home’s Design with Animal Prints Rugs
Animal prints have long since provided us with a feeling of sophistication. It gives off quite the jungle-feel, not just for kids but to adults who are lovers of the forest and nature as well. Such prints have taken over fashion for a long time, and well as interior design. People who employ designs with animal prints often have a wild side, so they express this through their fashion statements of home decoration.
If you have a bit of a wild side or are simply a fan of animal prints, decorating with this design is perfect for you. What better way to express yourself than getting animal prints rugs for your home? With the following suggestions, add flair to your living space and life by exploring the ways that you can upgrade your furniture with a touch of animal print.
Get a Zebra stripe rug.
The zebra stripe is a common favorite amongst all types of animal prints rugs. It comes in different colors and designs that you can choose from to avoid redundancy, especially if you want to employ more of these stripes around your home. One of the great things about zebra stripes is that it makes other decorations and its surroundings stand out in the eyes of observers. It is a good centerpiece and base for the decoration you have in mind.
It is important, however, that you find the kind of stripes that fit well with your home’s theme and its other element. 
Try a Tiger pattern rug.
Another one of the most common types of animal prints rugs is a tiger-patterned carpet. You can find it in many homes, and it is a great addition to living room decoration. What’s more, it fits in with everything that surrounds it, but not so much with strong decorations and colors that might create too much of a contrast. The best thing about the tiger pattern is that it sets a great foundation for the floor and, depending on its density, looks very comfortable as well. If you are starting on the path of animal prints, you cannot go wrong with choosing this one.
Buy a Cowhide pattern carpet.
Among animal prints rugs, this one has to be unique. Not many people have this at home, so you can trust that it is a design that stands out to the eye. Because you don’t always see this pattern around, it is a refreshing addition to your floor. Aside from its unique design, it also fits everywhere and will pair well with most other decorations. Its neutral color complements the objects nearby as well. It is best matched with bright accents, especially white colors. 
Handwoven animal prints rugs certainly create good ambiance, such as the cowhide type that may coincide with your preferences in design.
Use animal print spots.
In finding the best animal prints rugs for your home, you might also like to try using spots. While stripes are charming, a good experiment and change in usual design and scenery certainly cannot hurt. It makes for a good centerpiece with its simplicity, plus it gives off calm and tranquil comfort to those who lay their eyes on it. It upgrades the room’s texture and complements the colors of a space. 
If you want an animal print rug that will not clash with the pieces that go around it, spots might be the best option for you.
Find the best print to go with your art pieces.
Most homeowners pair their art pieces and accents with animal prints rugs. If you are one of them, it is necessary that you pick the print that matches these items well. It will bring balance to the whole atmosphere of your place’s decor. 
If you like your art pieces without any animal prints rugs to go with them, you might want to think twice about that. A rug is an excellent addition to an artistic ensemble, as it matches the kind of ambiance and message that will be an experience for the eye to process. A good carpet will add to the sophistication and artistic flair that a room has.
Match your furniture.
A good piece of furniture needs a good quality carpet to enhance it. If you haven’t experimented with an animal print design before, getting yourself some animal prints rugs will renew the previous vision you set for yourself and your home. It is a good upgrade that makes a great complement to your sophisticated furniture. Trying something new is a good idea for a fresh house look, and what better way to do so than by experimenting with bold designs?
Get a new look for your environment and for yourself with animal prints. Delve into the trend and start by picking the best rug!
Where can you find quality animal print rugs?
At RUGS&ROLL, you can choose from a wide range of prints from spots, to tiger and zebra stripes. This store has something for every carpet need, especially customers with a desire for a bold and wild designs. Get the best quality rugs at RUGS&ROLL because they also offer you the best price in town. You do not have to look for animal prints high and low; all you have to do is find the best design at this shop that suits you. 
What part of the house can you use an animal print rug?
Animal print rugs go well in the living room and bedroom, but they might be too much for the kitchen.
Can you vacuum an animal print rug?
You can vacuum an animal print rug, but in the case of cowhide material, you will have to be extra careful not to shed the hairs.
What type of animal print should I get?
It will depend on the kind of design you want, plus your personality.
Are animal print rugs of good quality?
They are generally of good quality. However, this will depend on manufacturing, as there are companies that make lower quality rugs.

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