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Connect with Nature and Patterns with Bohemian Rugs

Any homeowner would agree that beautifying one’s home can be quite an ordeal, especially when one lacks the knowledge and the artistic judgment to back it up. However, it does not mean that you might not be able to make it on your own. There are a wide variety of ideas that are waiting around in magazines and the internet for you to peruse. Getting advice as a homeowner is something that you should practice since the ordeal of being such can be such a pain. Beautifying one’s home with the help of other people does not mean getting yourself an interior designer. It just means picking out advice from a lot of inspirations going around online.

One such inspiration is the bohemian style. The boho style has been one of the most popular and trendy themes that many homeowners who are connected to nature and to the simplicity and ambiance that such a theme provides has employed. You might find a number of homes utilizing such. However, not everyone can possibly pull it off. You need a sense of style for that. If you want some bohemian style in your home, you should start first with something simple, like bohemian rugs.

To help you in that area, here some ideas that you might like:

1. Classic yellow animal prints

The color yellow has proven to be a great addition to a bohemian lifestyle. It looks good within the hold of the walls in a room, giving it a nice pretty glow from the inside. If you are selecting colors, it is never wrong to get something that is yellow. Because bohemian type designs might be too dry in some parts, you can color it with your rug. With that, yellow bohemian rugs are a good idea.

If you top it with some animal prints, bohemian-style rugs fit pretty well with the color as well, as it mimics the savannah where animal print favorites such as tigers and lions frequent. Get something that is not too overboard with such animals. You can get one with a few drawings scattered around it, with a healthy space between them, enough to only be seen as accessories.

2. Bohemian-patterned rugs

What is impressive about the boho style is that it has its own distinct design. That includes a pattern that you can easily point out as bohemian. Bohemian rugs that are patterned are woven with designs that are calming, despite having a lot of small drawings in them. These patterns go well together and oftentimes tell a significant story that only the eyes can follow. It speaks of the tribe and the culture where the boho style is born. Plus, it is also quite fashionable. The little patterns on them are artistic in their own right. It is also very trendy!

Women and little girls will love the effect that bohemian rugs have on the floor. The calming and soothing patterns underneath the soles will make them swoon with delight over such brilliance in the classic bohemian patterns.

3. Round brown hand-woven rug

The bohemian style brags about how hand-made they are. They are very distinct in that area. Furthermore, they stand out to the simple naturalistic lifestyle that connects well with the environment. Nothing says like a nature-lover with a very calming taste than having bohemian rugs. As an idea, a great addition to the boho style home is a round brown hand-woven rug. These rugs are very attractive to the eye and fit well with the kind of design that your bohemian home has. Even when you don’t have the same theme incorporated into your home, a round rug does not go wrong!

Bohemian rugs fit in all different rooms with different designs. They are very simple furnishings and are then easy to clean. You can easily vacuum them. In terms of placement, they go well with straight hallways or arched furniture.

4. Geometric patterns

Indeed, you can’t go wrong with geometric patterns in a rug. Getting some bohemian rugs with geometric patterns on them heightens the kind of aesthetic that you want to go for. Not only does it speak of one style, but it also adds up another with some brilliant geometric patterns. Liven up your home with impressive styles.

If you want to combine something with the bohemian design on your rug, a geometric pattern is an ideal partner. Geometric patterns light up the eye and are very entertaining visually. These patterns tickle the brain and can sometimes be very calming. What better way to soothe your nerves and brain waves than to have both the geometric patterns and bohemian style on one rug? None.

5. Pretty pink boho

Designs that are in the spectrum of pretty pink will definitely light up the mood of the room. Bohemian rugs in this hue are very stylish and attractive to the eyes. You can place it in the bedroom, and it is even ideal for the home office. They fit every ambiance of every season. Pink is a classic when it comes to interior design.

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What rug shape should I use in my room?

Evaluate the kind of furniture you have first, but it is always great to have a rectangular rug no matter where it is.

How do I get the odor out of my rug?

Air them out; the natural sunlight can significantly remove odors from the rug.

Can bohemian rugs be made out of wool?

These rugs come in various materials, so some are made out of wool.

I want to get a bohemian rug for my living room. Which color should I get?

Neutral colors are always a good choice if you cannot decide.

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