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Give Your Home a Little Glow with Moroccan Rugs

Despite being satisfied with the bare floor that you have in your house right now, it would not totally give you the pleasant comfort of having a rug to cover it. Something that is completely laid bare sometimes does not go well with the aesthetics. Even if you want to go with something simple, a bare floor just seems kind of empty, and that is something you do not want. While bare floorings might not pose much of a fuss, your feet might not find it comfortable. In fact, rugs can significantly improve the kind of snug that your feet need.

Those who are looking to decorate their interior might get what they are looking for with the satisfaction that a good rug design can give. If you want something majestic, simple, or sophisticated, you can get all of that with just one rug. Particularly with Moroccan rugs.

Furnishing your home with this type of rug might be the next best thing that has ever happened in your house. Trying out something isn’t such a bad idea, right? With that said, here are some of the best designs of Moroccan rugs that your home might love:

1. Azilal Rugs

One of the types of designs of Moroccan rugs is the Azilal. These rugs use bold colors and patterns to tell an interesting story throughout the weaving. Just by looking at them, you can easily see the kind of boldness it would like to explore in its style. Plus, it is equipped with interesting patterns that will liven up the soul and the eyes. The stories that it would like to convey speaks of different journeys that only the eye can follow visually.

Azilal rugs are from the High Atlas mountains, which speaks of its sophistication and richness in itself. The creativity rests on the single knots surrounding it with wool materials woven with intricacy in its patterns as well as its symbols. The wool material itself conveys the comfort it provides. Its patterns, moreover, are a work of art. Indeed, getting one for your home speaks of the kind of art that you are most taken in.

2. Boujad Rugs

These types of rugs are often embodied by bright hues such as warm red, orange, and pink. Areas in the house that are considerably gloomy might liven up the home’s whole atmosphere and ambiance. Those who like to have something bright inside to improve the mood of their family members may find Boujad Moroccan rugs a comfort. Apart from its impressive designs, homeowners will be delighted to have the light colors furnish the floor.

It is very cultural, too, given the fact that its knotting style originates from that of the Berber tribes. Although it is typically made from wool, it requires less of the material due to the knot being done tighter than the regular weaving technique. What you will love about it is that it has some geometric patterns weaved into it as well. The tight knots enable it to be laden with such patterns, therefore giving it a brighter and more creative look. If you want something more traditional, you’ll get it with this rug as well. It is dyed with natural colors from flowers, henna, leaves, and more.

3. Beni Ourain Rugs

Fans of the minimalist design will love this type of Moroccan rugs. While the others are typically filled with color, Beni Ourain rugs are filled with simple designs and rather dry hues. The shade of colors typically employed by such rugs ranges from white, dirty white, cream, and other light tones that complement its simplicity. It is a perfect centerpiece for homes that have a minimalist aura woven into them.

With these rugs, the floor is well-furnished and covered with simplicity. The Beni Ourain tribe is the originator of such a rug masterpiece. They are either adorned with geometric patterns or lines that are inked in soft black or dark brown hues. The intricacy and simplicity are given full marks.

4. Beni Mguild Rugs

Beni Mguild Moroccan rugs are perfect for the winter. Not only are they thick and plush in their surface and material, but they are also very comfortable. The various types of rugs that originate from Morocco differ in their thickness due to the kind of temperatures that the tribes have to withstand on the mountains. Beni Mguild rugs are typically thicker than the others because their weather is more extreme compared to the other locations. These rugs feature quite a sophistication that makes them look like vintage and native rugs. Of course, since it speaks to its tribal roots, the design reflects such.

They often come in deep shades of hues such as blue, brown, red, and purple. They are also woven in a vertical way and on a loom. These Moroccan rugs are quite versatile, as they can also adapt to warmer temperatures. You can simply flip them onto the flat side to lessen the pile.

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Are Moroccan rugs cheap?

If you take a look at RUGS&ROLL, you might find a rug that suits your budget perfectly.

Are Moroccan rugs easy to clean?

It depends on the pile if you are planning on washing it on the machine, but you can easily clean it by vacuuming.

How can I prevent my Moroccan rug from dye bleeding?

Dye bleeding typically occurs within Moroccan rugs, and they might happen after a long period of time, so there is not much that can be done with it, like all the other items in the house.

How can I prevent it from shedding?

Do not wash it often.

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