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Go Organic with Some of the Best Natural Fibers Rugs

People who are in search of new things to try out every once in a while can find entertainment and enjoyment in the experience of interior designing. Especially if you are a homeowner whose hobby is to improve the kind of lifestyle that the home wants to embody, you will love the fun that designing a home can bring. This includes picking out the best objects and art to furnish your home with.

If you want to try out something new, you might want to think about getting yourself some organic pieces.

There is no other comfort and feel that any natural-made objects can bring. Take a look, for example, rugs. When the rug feels natural underneath your feet, you are given a whole new level of comfort for your soles. There are rugs out there that are weaved using some natural materials. One such example is the natural fibers rugs. These types of rugs make use of natural materials that are safely woven to produce a masterpiece. They bring all kinds of atmosphere that you want, depending on the type. Furthermore, they achieve a natural ambiance, such as that of a coastal home.

If you want to experience it for yourself, here are some tips for picking the best natural fibers rugs out there:

1. Consider the high-traffic areas in your home.

High-traffic areas at home are those that are frequently visited or walked upon by the family. These areas are where you usually find people, so the floor is basically often stepped on. The kind of rug that should be placed within these floors should be carefully picked out. For these spaces, picking out something durable and resistant to stains is the best choice. That way, you can trust that it will last for quite a long time. What’s more, it will be easier to clean, and you don’t have to wash it that often, given the fact that it does not stain that much.

Natural fibers rugs may be a good option for this.

2. Consider the medium-traffic rooms as well.

While medium traffic-rooms are used regularly, they don’t get as much audience as the previous one. However, they are still frequented often by particular members of the family. This includes the foyer, and if you have one, a home office. Getting a rug that suits the kind of use for such rooms is necessary. Don’t get something that may be too sophisticated or durable because it might not be utilized that often. Some simple natural fibers rugs will do.

3. Consider the low-traffic rooms along the way.

It is vital that you get rugs for all the rooms. No matter what type it is, a rug can significantly improve the lifestyle and the condition of the room itself. These spaces include private rooms such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and formal living rooms. For such areas, you can go all out with designs. You can get lighter colors or luxury materials as they are not that susceptible to wear and tear.

Once you have identified which rug goes where here are some ideas for natural fibers rugs:

Natural fibers rugs idea #1: Jute rugs

Jute rugs are a perfect example of a rug that uses natural materials in its weaving. Its rich texture warms and tickles the soles perfectly and adds a bit of earthy color to the room. Its texture speaks of its natural fibers, with impressive weaving techniques, which is the highlight of its design. The natural brown hue is from the material itself, which is soaked and cleaned, as well as stripped and spun before the process of weaving takes place. However, you can also find them dyed in some other colors.

The material is from a plant’s stalk, so you get the kind of comfort and texture that mimics that of wool, albeit considerably thinner and softer.

Natural fibers rug idea #2: Sisal rugs.

One of the most popular kinds of natural rugs is the Sisal. What you will like about this is its durability. It is made from a native plant from Brazil, Mexico, and some other parts of Africa. The fiber of a sisal material is the toughest material out of all the natural fibers out there. They are often used to make ropes, so you can be rest assured of the strength and durability that a rug made out of this has. Although they are also quite earthy, like jute rugs, they can also be dyed to bring a whole new natural feel to the floor.

For high-traffic areas at home, a sisal rug is much recommended.

Natural fibers rug idea #3: Seagrass rugs.

Seagrass rugs are popular among homes at the beach. It speaks of the ocean, and so brings home a fresh coastal feel to the room. Its texture is rich and feels very organic and extremely natural to the feet. It is water-resistant because it is nonporous. Furthermore, the material is grown in saltwater marshes, therefore taking the whole beach experience to another level, even at the comfort of your home. They are not reversible, but they stick to the floor altogether.

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How do I clean my jute rug?

You can vacuum it regularly, and make sure to blot any spill on it quickly as it might stick for a long time.

Are jute rugs durable?

They are less durable than the others, but they’ll do fine on low and medium-traffic areas.

Can stains be easily removed on sisal rugs?

Sisal rugs are absorbent, so they get stains pretty quickly, which can be tough to remove.

Can I use a seagrass rug outdoors?

Seagrass rugs cannot be used outdoors like most natural fibers rugs, so your best option is to use them indoors.

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