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Experience High Culture with Oriental and Persian Rugs

There is a certain beauty in every rug. Aside from the comfort that rugs provide, they are well-known pieces that add to a home’s aesthetics. In particular, area rugs give off a particular ambiance and contribute to the kind of atmosphere you want to create in a particular room. In that way, every area is given a personality that matches yours or the person frequenting it. Every rug out there speaks of something. They have different personalities that shape a particular design. With that said, if you want to go for something classical, or majestic, or elegant, you can easily find a rug that will suit that taste.

Perhaps one of the most popular and classic pieces are the oriental and Persian rugs. Both of these rugs have been employed by many different people and traditions in various eras and countries. Even before the emergence of interior design among the modern and contemporary cultures, both these types of rugs have frequented the homes of many. A cultural design in your home certainly cannot hurt. In fact, it makes the home look sophisticated and within the taste of the monarchs out there.

If you want a taste of elegance that is in the cultural spectrum, you might think about getting yourself some oriental and Persian rugs. To get you started on that, here are some tips:

Oriental and Persian rugs tip #1: Get some antique rugs.

Antique rugs have unique knots, warps, and wefts that make them attractive to the eye. Oriental rugs in this spectrum are traditionally woven on cotton and silks or wool, which are called warps. These materials are stretched horizontally on the beam, where the process of weaving each of the materials on top of each other is done. The higher the number of knots in a rug, the more patterns it allows and the more durable it becomes. Antique oriental rugs are great for rooms that appreciate the art of antique weaving, especially those with artistic pieces that go well with oriental majesty.

The Antique is very in demand. People would clamor to get their hands on some of them. Given that, even getting one antique rug is a feat for you. However, it is not impossible! You can easily get one in the market if you are fast enough.

Oriental and Persian rugs idea #2: Get some royal rugs.

Nothing says more elegance than royal rugs. If you want some majesty into the room that speaks of some luxury, royal rugs cannot go wrong with that. Oriental rugs in this spectrum were made in the 16th and 17th centuries for courts in Islamic kingdoms. Homeowners who like a bit of an Asian royal feel will find such rugs to be delightful.

What’s more, it will make you feel like a part of something even bigger than yourself, like a kingdom, for example. Who says you can only experience that in movies? Majestic movies in the same spectrum have utilized some oriental and Persian rugs on the way. You might have noticed how well they bring out the kind of feel and elegance that each setting requires. If you want to get that sort of your home, a royal rug certainly cannot hurt.

Oriental and Persian rugs idea #3: Get some tribal rugs.

Who doesn’t love the feel of something tribal that heightens one’s taste for style? Some nomadic and tribal rugs have a rich history that homeowners who have a lot of appreciation for history and tradition will love. The designs speak of such rich heritage, which will make the room stand out in its artistic and cultural approach. Flaunt your sophisticated taste in style!

Tribal rugs convey your appreciation for some cultural art, a popular variety of art showcased in most establishments and ideal homes. A lot of ideas and inspirations you might find online utilize some tribal rugs to add some color and uniqueness to the ensemble. Try it for yourself!

Oriental and Persian rugs idea #4: Get some village rugs.

There is a lot of history when it comes to Persian rugs. They date way back in the earliest centuries and have been passed on from generation to generation. Even antique Persian rugs cost quite a grand nowadays. This speaks of its popularity and sophistication. Hence, it is time that your home gets some taste of that too.

Village Persian rugs are popular in the market, given that they are locally made, and so the precision in its weaving technique is visible. Regional markets often display such expertise in rugs. Hence, people clamor for even a touch of it. If you want something that will make your room rich in the little details, get something noticeable. Get some village rugs!

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How do I prevent my oriental and Persian rugs from fading?

When cleaning or washing them, make sure that you avoid much sunlight as they can cause the knots to damage.

How can I prevent them from wearing?

Turn and flip them often so they don’t wear out over time.

How often should I clean them?

Vacuuming them frequently will prevent them from wearing out faster, but it should be a suction-only vacuuming.

How do I store my Persian rug?

It is important that you store them properly so as not to damage them; this includes rolling them facing inwards and placing some mothballs to prevent attracting insects.

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