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Best Shags Rugs Materials and Why You Need Them
Homeowners who prize themselves on the comfortability of their houses will take pride in having the fluffiest cushions and furniture spread all over their home. For a house to look homey, it should both appear and feel snug in the eyes and bodies of a person. People who are looking for something attractive yet comfortable can find various pieces of furniture to their liking, as well as ornaments and decorations. Another great example of comfortable home items is rugs!
Many homeowners are drawn to the relaxing fabric material of shags rugs. They are some of the snuggest kinds of rugs around. Every shag rug is made of different materials, and it is these materials that are the secret to the plushy effect they have on your skin. 
While you may be content with a bare floor, seeing the comfort that shag rugs give off may change your mind. In fact, here are some of the best shag rug materials and why you need them.
Shags rugs that are made of wool is a classic among fans of comfortable rugs. They are thick and warm, thus perfect for the winter, but still just as snuggly in the summer. This material has a loose pile. Therefore, it is easier to clean. Even better, it does not go out of style! You can have the best of both worlds when you have something that can be functional and trendy at the same time.
Why you need one: It is very attractive, always in season, and has been loved all throughout the history of carpets and rugs. You will want one for its ability to keep you warm and comfortable, and fashionable as a homeowner. It also symbolizes elegance and can be considered traditional in its visual approach.
Faux Fur
You must see many trendy pictures of bedrooms and living rooms that sport faux fur shags rugs online, and rightfully so. These are smooth and somewhat silky in texture with material that glides smoothly across your skin. They tickle the soles of your feet, giving you a relaxing and massage-like experience that will leave you wanting more every time you have to step off it and back onto the floor. Faux fur is specifically designed to give off a luxurious appeal so that it looks gorgeous in whatever color you decide to have it in. It is definitely recommended for when you have a piece of furniture covered in leather nearby. They look lovely in homes with high ceilings as well!
Why you need one: Faux fur shags rugs radiate elite beauty. They are perfect for people with exquisite tastes. If you have a flair for something elegant and infinitely snug, this is the material of rug for you.
Products made from polyester have been proven worthy of the word comfortable beause of their ability to simply feel right on the skin. It should come as no surprise then that they feel quite glorious underneath your feet. Shags rugs that are polyester-made have sublime textures that cause people to feel as though they cost a lot more than they actually do. Out of all the comfortable materials out there, it is perhaps the most affordable of the bunch. It feels great and looks great.
Why you need one: You have to have shags rugs made out of polyester simply because it is best to get an affordable yet comfortable rug on your floor. Do not let your flooring look empty, don’t let the soles of your feet get sore and rugged. Polyester rugs are often low-pile, so you can clean them without bother.
This material is synthetic, yet it is able to provide the same softness and richness in texture that a rug made of wool can. Acrylic shags rugs are durable like their natural counterparts, but are much lighter on the budget. They look great in a brightly colored bedroom. If you want something with light hues to complement a vibrant space, you need something that is made of acrylic. More specifically, a comfortable acrylic shag rug. 
Why you need one: Get one for its comfort, affordability, and above all else, its function. While noticeably cheaper than the other options that were previously mentioned, it can do its job just as well. 
It has similar qualities as those of an acrylic because it is also synthetic, but significantly more durable, material. So you can bet that shags rugs made from polypropylene will last a long time because you get both durability and comfort in one compact item. They hold up beautifully too if you get them in vibrant colors. If you are a ray of sunshine yourself, this kind of rug will look great with the rest of your home. 
Why you need one: Get one for its durability, softness, and practical price. If you are a fan of wool but cannot afford it, polypropylene might be a more realistic alternative.
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How often should I clean my shag rug?
You should clean yours fairly regularly, especially those in light colors that are easily soiled, to preserve their color and flair.
Can you vacuum the hairs stuck on it?
A simple vacuuming will not help you, so you might have to pick these hairs individually.
What is the best color for a shag rug?
As much as possible, it is recommended that you get something on the darker spectrum, because white ones tend to yellow over time.
How do you wash a rug that has been urinated on?
You’d best not do this yourself as only professional cleaning can give your rug a deep clean.

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