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Brighten Your Home with Solid and Striped Rugs

Determining the perfect design for your home might be a little confusing, especially if you have a lot of ideas. However, while it might take a toll on you, it will also entertain you. The rush of excitement you feel when designing a particular home hits differently. Picking out the right fit for you and your preference is indeed a fun experience, which most homeowners would beg to tell you about. Being a homeowner means taking care of the home and safeguarding its comfort within its walls. This means that improving the quality of life through design and experience is a must.

One such way to ensure such is by getting a rug for the bare floors. When the floor is covered, it does not look so empty anymore. In fact, it makes it look homier and inviting. Especially for cold seasons, rugs can prove to be comfortable and functional.

When looking for a design to fit your home’s aesthetics, it is vital that you pick one that is well-made with a great style. For that, you might want to take a peek at some solid and striped rugs. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also fit wherever you put them.

Here are some of the things to look out for and keep in mind for solid and striped rugs:

1. Color scheme

A color scheme when it comes to solid and striped rugs is essential. Homeowners might want to experiment with certain color schemes that go well with the hues of the rest of the house. You can mix them up with other designs but make sure that the colors do not go out of bounds. Striped designs often overpower the others, so it is important to match the stripes and the colors well so as to not make awkward styles go together. You can do this by finding some great color schemes and palettes.

There are some palettes available online where you can choose which one best suits your style and preference. Picking out the best color combinations and schemes for the solid and striped rugs is essential, so focus on that first before buying a rug.

2. Bold strokes

Stripes often go bold in their patterns. Oftentimes, such bold strokes stand out to give the rug a majestic feel. Furthermore, it makes the rug stand out as the room’s centerpiece. Bold strokes often bring out great patterns that look good visually. When picking out your solid and striped rugs, you might want to try something bold in its artistic approach. Bold designs often speak of one’s personality. It makes the patterns pop out as a whole, rather than individually, hence giving a whole new perspective to design in the room.

What you’ll love about bold stripes in your home as well is that it can be very simple when you want it to be. There is no need to have something flashy, as bold stripes can go in a lot of shapes and forms. They fit almost anywhere, so if you have some bold solid and striped rugs out there, don’t be afraid to put them out.

3. Small, vibrant touches

While bold strokes exist as majestic pieces, small striped accents are in the now too. If you want something not too noticeable as a whole, small striped rugs are great for the room and for the furniture. It makes the other colors pop out as well as the intricate patterns in it. Its individual flairs are given the spotlight for those who want to attract eyes almost immediately when one enters the room. Small, vibrant touches bring out the best in everything, so you can bet the furniture that you place around the room can stand out too.

If you have beautiful pieces of furniture, some solid and striped rugs underneath it may give it a brighter glow. Furthermore, they go well with the whole ambiance of the room, especially when you pick out the right hue that matches the walls and the overall design.

4. Cohesion

A pattern between the solid and striped rugs must be kept if you want to keep the style. These patterns must be reflected in the other designs all around you if you want to keep that air of aesthetics. It doesn’t hurt to have a solid or striped theme in your house at all. In fact, you can easily pick out the right rug, especially if you are a fan of some elegant rugs out there. From the furniture to the floor, the whole house will look great if you keep the cohesion even only in small details.

Of course, it does not mean that you should decorate everything according to the pattern you have decided on. It can either be just merely the floor or some accents in your design. Experiment and make the whole room glow with solid and striped rugs.

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Do solid rugs go well in hallways?

Yes, they do if you want something simple, but it is best if you go with striped ones since they make the hallway stand out more and not make it seem bland.

How do I prevent my rug from shedding?

Groom it regularly by using a brush or a special rake.

Do I need to use a rug pad?

It is recommended that you use one on area rugs to keep them in place, especially in high-traffic areas.

Can rugs be put on top of the carpet?

If the room has wall to wall carpeting, you can easily put a rug on top of it for maximum comfort.

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