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Easy-Cleaning: Washable Rugs for Your Home
Finding the best rug to cover one’s floor is not always an easy task. After you have decided on your ideal design, color, and size, you are left to contemplate on how difficult of a task it will be to clean it when it gets dirty. Some rugs require great amounts of maintenance to be kept free of dirt, which cannot be done by simple vacuuming. Other types of rugs need professional cleaning, which is often expensive and taxing on time and energy since it requires owners to go from one place to another.
Fortunately, knowledgeable homeowners need not worry about that. There are washable rugs available out there that do not forsake their function nor their comfort to give way for the aspect of washability. All you have to do is find the best one out of all them. 
How to Find the Best Washable Rugs on the Market

Look for something that is machine-washable.

If you do not want to clean a rug by hand (that method obviously takes a lot of time and work), you’ll have to look for a washable rug that can be fixed with a washing machine. Some fabrics and materials may look like they are machine-friendly even though they aren’t. Make a habit out of reading a rug’s laundry instructions so you don’t end up feeling cheated after buying it.

Assess the size.

The rug that you purchase should be able to fit into the specific washing machine you have at home. It would be counterproductive to simply by a rug for the sake of filling up your room without considering how you are going to commit to its maintenance. Your washable rug should not cause any conflict with your washing machine.

Check the material.

There are softer materials that may not withstand the force of a machine wash and may cause the product to tear and eventually fall apart. Make sure that you purchase something made with either synthetic materials, wool, or cotton. 

Do not wash them too often.

You can simply spot clean and vacuum these rugs if dirt on them is minimal. Don’t abuse their washability; save the washing machine for more serious messes and odors such as, say, a pet’s or child’s urine. This way, you will not wear out the washable rugs’ material and keep it from tearing too soon.
Best Washable Rugs for Your Home

Shag rugs

Shag rugs are soft and comfortable, hence easy to wash in a machine. You can simply remove the covering of your rug and throw it into the machine for needed cleaning. Washable rugs like this are durable and easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry too much every time you get dirt on them.

Vintage washable rugs

Vintage rugs often are made of very durable material that can withstand the test of time, hence their name. Despite its smooth texture and surface, it can still effectively prevent slippery incidents. It does not fade easily either, even after multiple cycles through the washing machine. 

Plush rugs

Plush rugs are very cozy, so everyone, even pets, will want to get their share of them. Good thing that they possess the quality of being washable too since their comfortability may end up attracting more use and dirt. They are great for comfort, functionality, and easy cleaning!

Distressed rugs

Distressed rugs are aesthetically imperfect. The complement the personality of a room and its owner. It is perfect for those with less conventional design tastes, especially those who want a moodier feel for their homes. While it maintains its reputation for beauty, it is also a candidate for simple cleaning. Distressed rugs suit homeowners who do not like to fuss about fancy decoration or complicated cleaning.

Cotton rugs

Rugs made of cotton are some of the easiest to clean in the washing machine. They are soft and snug, making them much easier to put inside the washer. They are also very light. However, you may find them to be heavier when wet, but that’s barely a real problem. Besides that, there’s nothing else that should be stopping you from getting one!

Faux fur rugs

Much like cotton, rugs made out of faux fur are also relatively easy to wash. However, they can get dirty quite easily. Nevertheless, it will console you to know that they aren’t too much trouble to restore to presentability. Keep in mind though that they should be kept from over maintenance as frequent washing may damage its fabric. Yours can get worn down and torn eventually if you are not careful.
Simply knowing that you have a washable rug should not encourage you to be overconfident in its washability.
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How often should I wash a rug?
Do so only when necessary, or when your rug is obviously soiled, or else your item will succumb to early wear and tear.
Are washable rugs expensive?
Not necessarily; there are synthetic rugs out there that are more affordable than natural washable rugs. They can also withstand the agitation of a machine as efficiently as materials like wool do.
Are bright colors harder to wash?
The ingredients of your cleaning solution and your type of washing machine will determine whether or not you can successfully erase strong stains of dirt from your colored rug.
Can a washing machine wash a large rug?
You’ll have to consider the size of a rug in contrast to your washing machine on your own first. If it fits, make sure that your machine is also strong enough to do the cleaning.

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